Leaf and Lion launched in 2018, and right away began its commitment to its mission to be part of the professional dispensary overtaking the cannabis industry.

Our Culture

We are dedicated to bringing the best grade cannabis products and keep growing our customer base. As cannabis experts in the customer’s mind, Leaf and Lion not only focuses on dispensing high-quality home-grown reliable cannabis and cannabis products but also provides customers with concrete knowledge and information on the right cannabis products for healing and general well-being. We keep our fans and customers updated on the latest trends in the marijuana industry. Leaf and Lion is your one-stop resource for everything cannabis.

Our Visions

Like our namesake the lion, Leaf and Lion distinguishes itself from the rest as the undisputed King of the Cannabis Jungle. This is because of the strong passion we have for the plant and the important role it plays in improving people’s lives across the globe. We strive to keep on developing a premium range of cannabis products such as flower, concentrates, and infused products through constant innovation and reinvention. Our vision is to become the cannabis dispensary that improves your cannabis experience.

Our Approach


Leaf and Lion is a cannabis dispensary with a unique approach. We not only dispense high-quality premium cannabis products such as flower, concentrates, and infused products but also provide professional advice to all our customers. We have in-depth professional knowledge about cannabis and cannabis products, which is why we stand out from our competitors in the industry. We have a unique approach that focuses on empowering our customers with useful knowledge about cannabis besides dispensing the product.


Our mission is to become the most trusted and professional cannabis dispensary in the country and beyond. Through our specialist knowledge in all aspects of cannabis growing, processing, distribution, and use, we strive to rise and stand out from the competition. We aim to achieve this goal by ensuring that there’s increased access to affordable high-quality cannabis products for customers nationwide and beyond. We want to become the largest cannabis company providing customers across the world with safe, reliable, top-grade cannabis products designed to improve their health and general well-being. Our customers include patients seeking the much-needed relief from pain and recreational cannabis consumers looking for a safe and reliable way to improve their lives. Our goal is to keep on catering to our customers by providing them with the best cannabis products to suit their unique needs. We believe in the power of knowledge, which is why we go to a great length to provide our customers with useful information and education on how to access the right cannabis products for their needs and lifestyle. Beyond the dispensary, we work closely with experts in the industry including physicians, health professionals, and the general public to instill the truth and an accurate understanding of cannabis and its products. A well-informed public is a more responsible society. At Leaf and Lion, we believe in helping you live a more fulfilling life.

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