About Us

Leaf and Lion

Leaf and Lion launched in 2018, and right away began its commitment to its mission to be part of the green revolution overtaking the cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry has been going through some major changes. As this period of transition continues, the responsibility to create and maintain enlightened trends that reflect the dynamism of this progressive industry falls upon up and coming businesses. Leaf and Lion aims to be one of those trend shifting businesses.

At Leaf and Lion, we prioritize above all else one thing: environmentally friendly recreation. We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality organic cannabis products, while simultaneously making sure that your recreation doesn’t come at the expense of the planet! 

How do we do this? Why, through environmentally friendly practices and farm friendly policies such as eco-planting and natural planting. We aim to produce truly hi-quality cannabis without compromising on our ecological principles. Not only do our techniques avoid pollution or environmental degradation, but they also allow us to produce a product of surpassingly superior quality. When you buy Leaf and Lion, not only do you experience a euphoria inducing, high quality product, but you do so sustainably.

Leaf and Lion will always look to maximize our positive impact on our community and the planet. We will be going green wherever it is possible. Everything we grow is organic and natural. For us, being environmentally friendly is so much more than a choice. It is a commitment that we’re dedicated to heart and soul, and we hope that you will join us on this all important mission.

Like the wild and mighty lion, we are determined to make our imprint on the jungle that is this burgeoning industry, and offer the healthiest and most eco-friendly products in the market!

Natural Planting

Our plants are grown without the use of those synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We’ve replaced the use of all environmentally degrading manmade chemicals with ones that are derived from natural sources.


When it comes to our farming, we’re green in more ways than one! Our planting techniques ensure that we never strip the soil of its nutrients, and grow plants sustainably.

Hi-Quality Cannabis

Our top shelf cannabis is sure to give you the experience of a lifetime! Fragrant in aroma, our plants are laboratory tested, and free from pesticides and pathogens.

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