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Who Are We?

Launched in 2018, Leaf and Lion is a company with a mission – to revolutionize the cannabis industry. At Leaf and Lion, we have one basic priority: environmentally friendly recreation. We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality organic cannabis products. We utilize environmentally friendly practices and farm friendly policies such as eco-planting, making sure that your recreation doesn’t come at the expense of the planet! 

Like the wild and mighty lion, we’re determined to make our imprint on the jungle that is this burgeoning industry, and offer the healthiest products in the market!


Enjoy Your Life

You probably already know that smoking cannabis (or indeed, ingesting it in any form) can be a transformative experience. Weed products can convert you into a deep philosopher, or transport you into blissful euphoria. Most importantly, they provide you with an avenue to enjoy your life to its fullest! Whether you’re with friends, or watching a comedy, these products can intensify your enjoyment of the moment.

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