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Will CBD Help You Sleep Better?

Are you an insomniac? Then you might benefit from supplementing with CBD aka cannabidiol cure for insomnia. But how exactly does this powerful compound work and what makes it so effective at inducing restful sleep for people with sleeping problems? Read on to find out.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the two major compounds found in the cannabis plant, and it’s the one without psychoactive properties. Thanks to the several health benefits that it offers, CBD supplements are all the rage in health and wellness circles. This is especially the case among people who’re looking for a gentler and more natural approach to healing, and medicine that doesn’t come with all the side-effects of conventional drugs.

It’s important to note here that CBD is mainly extracted from non-psychoactive industrial hemp which means that it will not make you “high.” However, there are some producers who source it from psychoactive cannabis as well, but that’s rare.

The good news is that the majority of the CBD oils, supplements and other products available on the market are made from non-psychoactive industrial hemp. Besides, it’s illegal to extract CBD from psychoactive strains of marijuana in any case.

Some of the most common CBD products that you’ll find on the market today include CBD oils, soft gel capsules, topical gels and creams to name but a few.

CBD is known as the healing cannabinoid because of its ability to promote homeostasis or balance in the human body. CBD also works spontaneously with the naturally occurring endocannabinoid system to help maintain proper function of certain processes in the body. Not only that, but CBD is also a well-known sleeping aid.

CBD Oil and Sleep

Unlike the THC compound in marijuana which literally puts you out when you smoke it, CBD influences sleep in a more indirect way.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that some of the leading causes behind sleep deprivation are conditions like PTSD, restless leg syndrome, chronic pain and depression, all of which CBD can be a very effective treatment for.

So by removing these barriers to peaceful sleep, CBD can help you experience improved rest.

CBD vs. Prescriptions

An increasing number of people are turning to natural healing remedies instead of the usual pharmaceutical drugs. This is because prescription drugs like Valium have a high dependency risk and they’re very toxic for the liver as well.

Not only that, but the sleep induced by most of these pills is unnatural and won’t really make you feel energized and invigorated when you wake up the next day.  Instead, you’ll most probably wake up feeling as though you need some more sleep.

Now, while there are plenty of first-person accounts of how well CBD works to induce restful and energizing sleep, there’s not enough scientific research to prove these claims, and human trials are yet to be conducted to test the efficacy of the compound.

So the best way to find out if CBD is a good cannabis sleep aid is to just try it!

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