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Why You Shouldn’t Call Cannabis “Weed”

A few weeks ago, the first-ever bi-annual Cannabis Media Summit took place. The event was hosted by the law firm Duane Morris and was held at the firm’s midtown office in New York. Tickets to the event cost $145 and more than a hundred attendees showed up. Journalists from various outlets participated in the event, including members of certain organizations, such as Defending Our Plant Everywhere or DOPE, High Times, The Boston Globe, and many more. The journalists spoke on panels, with discussions titled “The Rise of Marijuana Podcasting” and “Getting the Scoop.”

Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Attendees of the event were optimistic that New York could be the next state to legalize recreational cannabis. During the panel discussion about the public trading of cannabis stocks, a writer from Barron’s told the crowd how touring the cannabis grow houses would be a fun experience. While Nina Fern, the founder of “The Highly”, which is said to be the Michelin guide of the cannabis industry, concluded the conversation by offering a mint infused with cannabis.

Recently, the National Law Journal published a list of law trailblazers in the cannabis industry, which included David Feldman, a partner of the event’s host, Duane Morris. Feldman led the panel on the discussion about the ethics in reporting cannabis. He warmed up the audience by throwing in a few jokes.

Don’t Call It Weed

During the discussion about the ethics in cannabis reporting, an owner of a cannabis communications firm asked for advice about changing the way people address cannabis in an effort to remove the stigma surrounding it.

Sirita Wright, the co-founder of EstroHaze, a female-oriented company, stated that there’s a style guide on how cannabis should be referred to. She finds it unfortunate that a lot of people call it “weed” although she admitted that she used to refer to it like that as well.

Another panelist suggested that it should be called by the plant’s name, which is cannabis sativa, and not weed and definitely not pot. On the next panel, a journalist from the Globe admitted to having to fight in his copy desk just so he could put an end into using puny headlines when reporting about cannabis.

Preferred Ways of Consumption

Another thing that was discussed during the event was the preferred modes of consumption. Zakim, who owns a cannabis communication firm said that he used to smoke the bud or vape it if he had no choice. A cannabis marketer admitted that she prefers the “indica-flower” because she loves the “whole body” feeling that it gives her. Another panelist admitted to using the gummy at night in order to help her sleep.

Some industry representatives also discussed the best practices on vaping on airplanes where one attendee confessed about exhaling it on his bag while trying to get something out of it.

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