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Why You Should Air Prune Cannabis

Air pruning has become a huge thing in gardening. If you’re growing cannabis, then you can definitely benefit from this method. Fruiting plants and flowering plants like cannabis can get stronger, bigger and faster if air pruning is applied.

Read on to find out more about air pruning and how you can use it to work magic in your cannabis plants.

What is Air Pruning?

Air pruning happens naturally if the plant’s root tip will get into contact with air. When this happens, more root branches will grow and develop into a fibrous mass. For cannabis grown in a plastic pot, the roots wrap themselves into a tiny gap between the plastic interior and the plant.

The roots will grow longer and will continue to search for fertile new substrate instead of simply branching off. It may also burst through and cling into the holes at the bottom part of the plastic pots. They will continue to grow except if they’re air pruned.

How Can Buds Benefit from Air Pruning?

Air pruning can help your crop produce a better harvest. It’s because a dense root mass in a well-draining and oxygenated medium can help your plant to produce more buds. With air pruning, your plants will be able to handle enough nutrients and you won’t have to worry about root rotting.

Above all, with air pruning, you’ll be making the most of your cannabis plant. This is especially true if you’ve invested in a premium substrate or have created your own super soil. Plants that were air pruned will have more access to the nutrient-rich medium. Instead of the usual long spaghetti roots, air pruned plants will develop a root mass that’s similar to a spider’s web.

How to Air Prune?

The process of air pruning cannabis plants can be mostly passive. As stated, the tips of the roots will die if they get into contact with air and will boost the growth elsewhere. All you need to do is to make such air available. This can be easily achieved with the help of a pruning pot which is a specialized plant pot specially designed for this purpose. For as long as you will grow the plant in an air pruning pot with a size suitable to your cannabis, then air pruning will naturally take place.

Types of Pots for Air Pruning

There are four different options when it comes to air pots. The first one is the flatly packed air pot which is made from a durable plastic material. Another is the smart pot. There are smart pots online made from high-quality fabrics. You can also get them from your garden centers. The third option is an air pot made of rigid plastic material. They are cheaper compared to the other two options. The fourth option is the DIY air pot, which means that you will have to create your own.

But homemade pots could suck. There’s really no need to make your own since there are lots of readymade air pots that you can purchase nowadays.

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