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Why Smoking Cannabis Can Make You Feel Tired?

If you’re a regular cannabis smoker, you’ve probably experienced lethargy, drowsiness, or lack of motivation after smoking weed or even during smoking. Most users would simply shrug this off and others would find this effect desirable, especially those suffering from insomnia. A recent research has pointed out that excessive cannabis consumption could lead to a long-term feeling of laziness or drowsiness. For those who want to use cannabis to cure a hangover, it may prove to be ineffective.

Will Smoking Weed Make You Lazy?

A strong Indica strain will no doubt knock you down into your sofa. For most people, this might seem a desirable trait and is often the reason why they choose Indica strains to start with. However, if you’re using cannabis while living an active lifestyle, smoking the joint may not make you feel lazy or lethargic. The reason why cannabis can sometimes may you feel drowsy and less motivated may be due to the way in which THC is absorbed and interacts with dopamine, a neurotransmitter.

Is THC to Blame?

According to the National Institute for Biotechnology Information, heavy users of cannabis, especially those who are borderline dependent, produce a significantly lower dopamine level as compared to the light users or non-smokers. This was based on a study done in a group of 19 frequent smokers of cannabis and 19 non-smokers.

According to some health experts, after a long period of cannabis use, your brain cells won’t be able to produce as much tyrosine hydroxylase, which is a key enzyme for the production of dopamine. The stunting of the chemical processes is often a result of how the THC interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system.

Why is Dopamine Important?

As stated above, the heavy consumption of THC will seemingly have an impact on our body’s dopamine level. But what does this really mean to our body? Dopamine serves as the regulator of effort threshold or how much effort will be required to acquire a task and what the rewards will be.

Those who have a higher level of dopamine will be more likely to perform functions that require a higher level of energy. Dopamine also plays a major role in providing us that rewarding feeling after doing different activities like exercising, eating, and having sex.

Will Cannabis Affect How Well You Sleep?

Many cannabis users have reported sleeping so much better after smoking weed that the feeling of drowsiness would be difficult to shake off in the morning after. With so many people counting on cannabis to help them sleep, what does scientific research say about this?

Two studies were done to investigate this and both had something in common – there are several variables that are still waiting to be explored. The results are still very inconclusive to draw a conclusion and further studies will be needed. However, the one thing that’s for sure is that there seems to be some connection between the feeling of tiredness and cannabis although the exact cause behind this phenomenon is still to be discovered.

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