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Why Recycled Organic Living Soil is Important for Growing Quality Weed

As the technology for cannabis gardening advances, growers tend to get confused with the overwhelming number of growing methods. From aquaponics, aeroponics to hydroponics, there are now plenty of cutting-edge approaches to cultivating cannabis.

Another method has recently been discovered which can work well for growers who are trying to cut costs and that is the use of recycled soil. Unlike the non-soil methods, this method is more cost-effective. Known as the recycled organic living soil or ROLS, the process requires constantly adding organic materials to the soil where the weed is grown. The nutrient-rich soil can nourish the growth of your cannabis plant.

What is ROLS?

The Required Organic Living Soil is a method for growing plants using nutrient-rich soil. With this method, only a minimum amount of synthetic additives are required since the life flourishing that’s inside the cannabis plant can produce the additives naturally.

Simply put, if you’re going to grow your cannabis plants in healthy and nutrient-rich soil, you’ll surely end up with generous yields. This also leads to producing plants with different terpene profiles that usually contain a high level of cannabinoid, something that you won’t get with an artificial, non-soil method of growing.

Advantages of ROLS

With the ROLS method of growing cannabis, you will obviously save money since you could recycle the soil over and over. This means that your cost of producing weed will be decreased and your profit will increase.

Another advantage is the ease of applying this method. For as long as you have a super healthy and nutrient enriched medium, you should be able to successfully grow your weed. Furthermore, ROLS is more eco-friendly compared to using synthetic fertilizers that could destroy the environment. These fertilizers could also de-oxygenate the waterways and will lead to an excess growth of algae. If you want to do your part in saving the environment, then ROLS is the best way to go!

How to Use ROLS in Growing Cannabis

There are various ways in which you can implement the ROLS method to grow your cannabis plants. To get started, you should have a base. Simply purchase a high-quality soil from your local garden center. Once you have the soil, you can start applying the ROLS concept in order to come up with healthy soil where you will grow your cannabis.

One of the best ways to implement the ROLS concept is through composting. Simply add any garden and kitchen scraps to a compost pile and mix well. The scraps will eventually be broken into a microbial life that can make the soil healthy. After a few days, this nutrient-rich medium can be added to the soil where your cannabis plant is grown in order to boost the plants.

You can also use natural fertilizer for ROLS. This can be in the form of worm castings, manure, and bone meal. These can be added to the soil in order to produce healthy cannabis plants.

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