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Why Manure is a Great Natural Fertilizer for Cannabis Plants

In order to grow healthy marijuana plants, you must be able to feed them with the right nutrients and fertilizers. Manure is said to be an effective way of providing your plants with the right amount of nutrients that they need. This makes use of animal feces in feeding the plants. The feces are usually rich in minerals that can be passed on to your plants. Furthermore, they are easy for the plants to absorb since they get mixed into the soil.

Why Use Manure?

Manure refers to animal feces which are a natural and more environment-friendly way of feeding nutrients into the soil. Most of the commercial and large-scale cannabis growing operations are using chemical fertilizers but this method will cause harm to the environment and the people around. These chemical fertilizers are made from petroleum products that are damaging to the respiratory system and the skin. While these fertilizers are truly effective, they are far from being environment-friendly.

Manure can come from different animals, such as chicken, rabbit, pigs, sheep, cow etc. It’s usually rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and some organic matter. As you know, animals usually feed on grasses. Manure is considered as a complete fertilizer because it’s loaded with both micronutrients and macronutrients that are essential for plant growth.

Using Manure as Fertilizer

It’s recommended to compost the manure before mixing it to the soil. Doing so can help prevent any unwanted organisms from thriving to the soil environment. Add some water to the compost pile and turn the compost after every two weeks. This can help the pile maintain its moisture level and produce a good amount of heat that could kill any of the unwanted organisms.

The manure can be spread directly to the soil surface or tilled to the soil. Others would prefer the “no-dig” method where the manure is being added to the soil surface in layers. This can help encourage earthworms to feed into the manure and drag it towards the subsoil. Tiling will also work but it could disrupt the life of the sub-soil. Since the texture of rotted manure is somewhat fluffy compared to the soil minerals, it has the tendency to remain in the surface even if tilled.

Potential Problems

Some cannabis growers don’t like the idea of using manures of any kind in feeding their plants. Scientific studies show that it’s possible for the plants to accumulate antibiotics coming from the soil that was composted with manures. However, it should be noted that there are manures that can be obtained from organic farms that don’t use any antibiotics.

There’s really nothing wrong with using manure in feeding nutrients to your cannabis plants for as long as it’s properly composted. If composted correctly, this should lead to the healthy growth of your plants with the ability to produce a high amount of yields. Of course, you also get to save the environment too since it’s environment-friendly by nature.

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