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When to Go from Vegetative to Flowering If You’re Growing Cannabis

There’s a lot to consider when growing cannabis. You must be very careful to ensure that you can get the best yield. A lot of beginner growers struggle with several things, among them, moving the plant to the flowering stage from the vegetative stage. Such growers struggle because they never really know the best time to make the switch, allowing them to increase their prospective yield without any concern.

It’s no secret that every cannabis grower wants to maximize their returns from the harvest. However, this success often comes down to timing. Getting the plant from the vegetative to flowering stage is an important procedure, and you must get it done at the right time.

There are risks involved. Assuming you make the switch too late, most of the buds will be burned, or you might end up with overgrown plants. On the other hand, if you switch the plant too early you will be taking a gamble, and looking at the prospect of a very low yield.

Factors to Consider

Having looked at the possible outcomes of making the wrong choice, we must also look at some of the factors that determine the right time for the switch. These factors vary from one place to another, so what works on your farm might not work well for another cannabis farmer.

Common factors that determine the appropriate time to switch from vegetative to flowering growth include the method of growth that you’re using, the strain of seeds that you have planted, whether the plant grew from a clone or from cannabis seeds. You also need to understand how old the plant is, and the appropriate height that it can attain while growing in the kind of setup that you have.

Each of these factors affects the plant differently, so you need to be careful about how you handle the process, to ensure you get the best yield.

  • Outdoor Living

Cannabis plants that are grown outside get into the flowering stage without any assistance, and it often happens during the summer. If you have these kinds of plants, try to ensure they’re not getting any light during the night.

  • Growth Method

Sea of green, super cropping, lollipopping, and screen of green are some of the growth methods available for cannabis. These methods yield flowers at different times too.

  • Cannabis Strains

Before you switch to the flowering stage, you must be aware of whether yours is a Sativa or Indica strain. These strains have different responses to stimuli that make them enter the flowering stage.

What Are Cycles

The growth cycle of a cannabis plant takes place in two stages; the vegetative and flowering stage. In the vegetative stage, the plant has leaves and stems. In the flowering stage, it produces flowers and makes buds. After the flowering stage, you can proceed to harvest your crop. Most strains of cannabis enter the flowering stage and last up to 10 weeks. What transpires in the flowering stage depends on the type of cannabis strain that you’re growing.

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