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What You Should Know About Cannabis Seed Quality

As any cannabis farmer will tell you, superior quality cannabis seeds are the key to planting marijuana. However, these seeds will also need to be planted on healthy soil, get enough water and light, as well as the right nutrients.

The right seeds will help you yield the right plant genetics with the preferred terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

The key to achieving this is by looking out for specific signs such as the seeds’ texture, color and how they react under pressure.

Appearance and Feel

While there are certain physical characteristics of the seed that will jump out at you, some sings are less obvious. Generally speaking, seeds that are genetically superior typically feature a darker shell color with black and grey hues. If you bring such seeds up to the light, you’ll also notice that they exhibit a slightly waxy coating that gives them a lustrous shine.

Good quality seeds usually have a firm texture as well. To tell which is which, squeeze the seed gently between your index finger and thumb to gauge how tough it is. If the seed is firm and unbending even though you’re squeezing it, then you’ve got a winner on your hands. Not only is it ready to go into the soil, but it’ll definitely yield a robust, good-quality plant.

Bad quality seeds also have their own tell-tale signs. If you put them through the squeeze test they’ll probably crack under pressure and disintegrate into tiny little pieces. If this happens, it means the seed is virtually useless and not good enough for planting.

The thing is that seeds age over time and lose their vigour so the longer you keep them the more likely they are to get weaker with age.

On the other hand, you also have to wait for seeds to grow into their prime because if you plant them while they’re too young they will either take ages to sprout or won’t sprout at all. For the best results, use seeds that are of good quality and within their prime, age-wise.

Seeds from a Bag

While most people think that finding a few seeds in their bag means that they got lucky, this is not always the case.  First of all, the seeds shouldn’t even be there in the first place and their presence shows that the grower was careless with the plants. Why? Because female plants only produce seeds when they have been pollinated by an invasive male plant.

As soon as this happens, the plant no longer continues to produce THC-resin, which is what most smokers want when they buy the plant in the first place. Instead, the plant has to now focus on producing seeds due to pollination.

Plus, seeds in your bag mean that you got less of the plant than you actually paid for as the seeds add extra weight to the bag. On the bright side, if your grower works with premium seeds then it may just be your lucky day but you’ll have to conduct the float test first to be sure.

The Float Test

The float test is basically carried out in order to determine the quality of the seeds being dealt with. To carry out this test all you need to do is fill a glass with distilled water and then pour your seeds in.

If the seeds sink, then they’re of good quality and are worth planting, whereas the duds will stay floating on the top and should be thrown out.

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