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What Role Does Sugar Play in Growing Cannabis

It’s not easy to grow a cannabis plant. When it comes to this, one of the most important things to consider is the plant’s sugar level. This might sound strange but this is actually among the biggest factors that could affect the growth of cannabis. If the plant is able to produce enough sugar and distribute it to the right places, then you can expect a good harvest of fat buds soon.

Read on to find out why sugar is important in the plant’s growth process and how you can boost the plant’s production of sugar.

The Importance of Sugar

Photosynthesis is a process that all plants naturally go through. During this process, sunlight is actually being converted to sugar. There are various ways on how you can enhance the process of photosynthesis and encourage sugar production. However, it’s important that the sugar reaches the right places within the plants. It must also be noted that some areas require more sugar than the others.

The speed of the flow of sugar would vary and the buds are those parts of the plant that need sugar the most. Furthermore, the younger foliage requires more sugar since it’s still in the process of growing. On the other hand, more mature leaves need less. Yet, the sugar that doesn’t get absorbed will not go to waste. Instead, it’s transferred to the younger leaves.

Encouraging Sugar Production

Photosynthesis is not only about sugar absorption. It also has to consider several other factors, which is the presence of carbon dioxide, water, and the condition of the soil. If these variables are optimized, then your plants will be able to easily absorb the nutrients they need to be able to produce more buds.

The good news is that sugar distribution doesn’t require the intervention of human hands, although it can also benefit from it. There are plenty of sugar supplements out there that can help significantly boost the blooming period of the plants. You can choose to go for branded products or the natural method of using blackstrap molasses. They can be mixed to the substrate about a few weeks before the plant starts to bloom in order to ensure efficient sugar distribution.

Final Word on Sugar

All plants don’t absorb sugar directly. Instead, they produce them through a series of metabolic processes. If done under the right conditions, this could lead to bigger yields. It’s simply about encouraging the cannabis to synthesize and metabolize more sugar. In doing so, they will become healthier and more resistant to diseases.

The best way to test the plant’s sugar level is to measure its sap using a refractometer. This tool will tell you if the cannabis is healthy or if there’s a need for you to improve the feeding process. It may not be essential for your cannabis operation but it’s definitely useful if you need to keep track of how sugar could affect your plant’s growing process.

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