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What Guerrilla Growing Cannabis Means

The term guerrilla always comes with a connotation of secrecy. Remember the guerrilla war strategy? It’s all about secrecy and pulling surprises. The same applies to growing cannabis. Guerrilla growth is a term used to refer to cannabis that’s grown outdoors, but in a place that cannot be easily identified.

Before we castigate it, there are many reasons why someone would decide to go the guerrilla way when growing cannabis. Even with the legal status of cannabis having changed, we cannot all still enjoy the luxury of growing cannabis in our home garden. There are also people who have gotten accustomed to the secrecy behind growing cannabis, to the point that bringing it mainstream takes away the thrill. For such individuals, guerrilla growing is still the way to go.

What is Guerrilla Growing

One of the perks of guerrilla growing cannabis is that you will have the plants stashed away somewhere so far from your home, no one will ever know it is your stash. Of course, this presents obvious challenges during the harvesting phase. Other than that, the logistical nightmare of checking on the plants from time to time is also imminent. There’s, however, one benefit to it; the fact that you don’t run the risk of clashing with security or law enforcement in your area, especially if you still have a ban on cannabis growth enforced. You don’t have to worry about your landlord going ham on your lease agreement or petty neighbors who would bask in the glory of your fall.

While you enjoy the benefits of guerrilla growing, you must also understand the challenge that arises in having your crops far away. Since you have zero control and watch over it, there’s a good chance that someone or even an animal might damage your plantation. Someone could harvest the crop before you do. Animals can destroy it and so forth.

Considering that your plants will be growing in the wild, all they have to work with is the hope of favorable environmental conditions. If the weather doesn’t conform, your plants will suffer.

How to Succeed with Guerrilla Growth

The first step is to find a suitable location where you can grow your plants. You must make sure that you find a discrete location with little to no chance of your plantation being identified by anyone. Take your time and look for a place that doesn’t have garbage, footpaths or anything else that might indicate that people or animals go there often.

Check to make sure there are no street lights around because these often interfere with the dark cycle for your plantation. Next, you must make sure that there’s sufficient water around. The plants will be fending for themselves, and for that reason, you must make sure they don’t struggle to find water.

Even if you’re growing the plants away from your home, you must still make sure the distance is manageable for you to check on the plants from time to time. The ideal location should be far enough, but still accessible either on foot, or you can ride a bike to the site.

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