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What Can You Do About Slow Cannabis Plant Growth

It can be a frustrating experience for a grower to have cannabis plants that grow slowly, and it’s even worse if those plants stop growing altogether.

Here are just some of the causes behind stunted plant growth and what to do to enhance cannabis growth:

  • Seeds Are Old

When seeds reach a certain age, they lose their ability to germinate or might take forever to do so. If you’re interested in growing cannabis plants, rather purchase your seeds from a reputable cultivator that’s known for having superior quality seeds with good genetics.

  • Plants Are Not Getting Enough Light

As with any plant, it’s important that your cannabis babies get the right amount of light and this differs according to the particular strain. For growers who’re cultivating indoor plants, it might be a good idea to adjust lamp distance so that they can get enough light. The same applies to outdoor plants. Just transfer them to a brighter spot and they should be right as rain in no time!

  • Plants Are Getting Too Much Light

If you suspect that your seeds are getting too much light, either move them to a shady area if they’re outdoors or shift the lamps so that there’s a bigger distance between them and the canopy. This is one of the main causes of slow cannabis growth.

  • Incorrect Light Spectrum

The light spectrum is also an important consideration to make when your plants are going through stunted growth. Perhaps they’re not receiving the right light spectrum for the growth phase that they’re going through, which is something that’s worth paying attention to as the plant grows from seedling to fully-fledged herb.

In the early stages, it’s often recommended to go for cooler light which is characterized by a blue-colored spectrum. As the plant grows bigger to reach the flowering phase, it’ll require a warmer light spectrum with a reddish hue.

  • Overwatering

While plants need water to survive, too much of a good thing can stunt their ability to grow and thrive. Overwatered plants will suffocate and end up with problems like fungal growth, root rot, nutrient deficiencies as well as stunted growth.

For the best results, only water your plants when you need to and you can gauge this by lifting the plant to see whether it’s light or heavy. If it’s heavy, then there’s still enough water for the plant to stay healthy, but if it’s light then it’s probably dry and needs water.

  • Nutrient Deficiency

Just as growing kids need their vitamins to support healthy development, plants also need the right kind and amount of nutrients in order to thrive.

Now, the nutrients in your potting mix will expire in 2 to 4 weeks which means that you’ll have to supply your plants with more nutrients. These should be administered based on recommended dosages on the nutrient products so make sure you buy the right nutrients for your specific plant soil.

  • Calcium Deficiency

Without the right amount of calcium, plants tend to have issues like slow and twisted growth, as well as discolored shoots that just don’t look healthy. Dolomitic lime is the best way to fight calcium deficiency in your plants, and it can be easily administered through a foliar spray.

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