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What Are Weeds – Everything You Should Know

Weed, also known as cannabis, is a type of plant known for its psychoactive properties. Usually, the flowers of these plants are harvested and dried before they are consumed through smoking and other methods. Now that more and more states are legalizing cannabis, advocates of weed are hoping that the stigma attached to this substance will be removed. It’s about time that people educate themselves about this plant so they will know how they can fully benefit from it.

So, what are weeds? Read below to find out more about this.

Chemical Components of Weed

Cannabis has a hundred different types of chemical components. More than a hundred of these are called the Cannabinoids. When consumed, the Cannabinoid acts as receptors that help to alter a wide range of physiological processes in the body.

Among the hundred different types of cannabinoids, there are two of them that are considered the most significant, the cannabidiol (CBD) and the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Of these two, it is the THC that has the most psychoactive compound and causes a feeling of euphoria to the user, commonly known as the feeling of being “high.” On the other hand, CBD has a more chill effect. In fact, it can induce a feeling of relaxation to the user.

Consider the THC Level

When it comes to addressing the question of what are weeds, it’s important that users educate themselves about the ideal level of THC. For new users, it’s highly recommended to choose a cannabis strain that has less than 20% of THC. When you purchase any cannabis-derived products, including CBD products, the level of THC is usually indicated on the label so you need to refer to it in order to determine if it’s the right one for you. It’s very important that users are aware of what these numbers signify. Higher potency of CBD could nullify the effects of THC in the body. According to some cannabis experts, THC is like the accelerator of your car while the CBD is the brake. A ratio of 3:1 for the THC to CBD is ideal for new users.

Start Slow

One of the most important things to consider when using weed for the first time is to always go slow. This should be the mantra that cannabis users should follow. Experts often encourage users to always start at the lowest THC level possible and then gradually achieve their desired feeling of high.

Aside from knowing what are weeds, it’s also important that consumers know how to consume cannabis responsibly and they should train their body to stop once they already have enough. Looking for that minimum effective dose can be difficult at the start but it is very important for users to start slow. If the user continues to consume despite achieving the feeling of euphoria, their level of tolerance will also increase. As a result, they will need to take higher doses before they can achieve their desired effects and this could potentially lead to addiction.

Hopefully, this article has addressed your question of what are weeds and address any concerns you may have had about this substance.

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