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What Are the Right Temperature Settings for Vaporizers?

Vaporizing cannabis has become a popular method to get high. This method is healthier compared to smoking blunts and joints, which are usually associated with cancer-causing chemicals. Furthermore, vaporization is more accurate in terms of consuming cannabis unlike smoking joints, blunts, and bongs. But when it comes to vaporizing, many users are not quite sure of the most ideal temperature settings.

Vaporizing Cannabis

Most of the vaporizers these days allow users to be able to adjust the temperature settings. This also gives them the option to change the effect of the high that they want to experience. Cannabis is made from hundreds of different chemical compounds and most of these contribute to the high that’s generated when vaping. Terpenes and cannabinoids are usually the main contributors. The cannabinoids act upon the body’s endocannabinoid system in order to carry out most of their effects.

Terpenes, along with the cannabinoids, also mediate on the experience through the back-up effect. These pungent compounds offer a wide array of flavors, smells, and physiological effects. These ingredients come with different vaporization points and this is what makes the temperature an important factor when it comes to vaping.

The Ideal Temperature

The ideal temperature will greatly vary depending on one’s desired effects. Most users vape in order to get high and will, therefore, choose to set their to vape to 200°C. This is the temperature in which the cannabinoid acids like the CBDA and THCA will be decarboxylated and converted to active CBD and THC respectively.

Decarboxylation will be triggered by heat and this could result in the removal of the carboxyl group, which then creates a structural change that would convert an inactive precursor compound into viable constituents. Although the decarboxylation threshold is at 200°C, a much higher temperature can yield more in terms of the cannabinoid content.

A vapor that consists of 77% cannabinoid content can be possibly achieved with a temperature of 230°C, as compared to only 24% of cannabinoids at a temperature of 170°C. But then, 230°C might be extremely hot.

Strategic Lower Temperatures

A high that’s less intense can be possibly achieved if you set the vape to low temperatures. A temperature that’s less than 180°C could result in the type of vapor that’s low in cannabinoids and dense in terpenes. For some users, a vapor of this quality is already ideal. It offers less overwhelming high and can be used all throughout the day in order to feel awake and boost focus. In addition, the terpenes carry out their own effects within the mix.

Isolating CBD and THC

Just like the cannabinoids and terpenes evaporate at a different temperature, the individual cannabinoids do too. Both the CBD and THC evaporate at a temperature of 10°C apart. But is this gap enough to isolate them with the use of a vape? Well perhaps not with the current vapes. For those who prefer higher levels of the CBD, the high CBD flowers might be a much better option.

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