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Vaping vs Smoking Pot: Which is Better for You

Vaping vs. smoking discussion has become one of the hottest topics since they are the two ways a person can inhale cannabis or nicotine. Thus, the differences between vaping and smoking are crucial to human health and help you choose the best way that suits your needs.

Vaping is becoming more popular every day since people consider it to be uber-cool. It is a stylish way of consuming cannabis than the traditional method, smoking. Moreover, a study shows that vaping is a safer option to smoking.

Vaping vs. smoking: What is the difference?

Many individuals think that vaping and smoking is one thing, but that is not true. The differences include:

  • Smoking involves the burning of the cannabis herb, which produces smoke and other harmful substances. Vaping, on the contrary, involves heating the weed at a low temperature to produce vapor that the user inhales. Therefore, there is no combustion involved.
  • You can vape pot anywhere, and there is no such freedom when smoking it.
  • There are various vaporizers, including dry herb vaporizer, wax vaporizer, and oil vaporizer that help you vape marijuana. Thus, browse to find the best kind of vaporizer that suits your style and needs.Make sure you visit high supplies for detailed reviews of various vaporizers .
    Some of the factors that help you find out if vaping or smoking is better for you are:
  1. Health concerns

Disadvantages of smoking

  • Tar percentage – smoking is harmful since it produces tar. Also, burning cannabis produces toxins, including carcinogens, that adversely affect a person’s health.
  • Inhaling process – the way a person holds breath when smoking may be damaging and might cause lung disease.

Disadvantages of vaping

  • Bronchial spasms – vaping can trigger spasms to a person’s bronchial tubes, and it is advisable not to vape if you have asthma.
  • Suspicious substances – some ingredients in vape cartridge may contain harmful elements. Also, vaping liquids may contain harmful chemicals, and some e-cigarettes have high amounts of acetaldehyde and formaldehyde. Thus, buy vape pens and e-liquids from trusted manufacturers only.

No doubt that smoking cannabis can affect your health, but vaping too raises some health concerns.

  1. Second-hand smoking

Vaping eliminates the possibility of second-hand smoking. Typically, a person sitting next to you or your kids will not have to put up with the smoke or inhale the dangerous gases. Also, it prevents them from getting ‘high.’ Whereas smoking does lead to passive smoking in people around you. Thus, vaping is better than smoking.

  1. Environmental concerns

Vape pens need batteries or refillable e-liquids. The vaporizers’ components may require special treatment since not all of them have a recyclable sign. Thus, users do not know how best to dispose of them, which leads to environmental issues.

Smoking, on the contrary, leaves a small, biodegradable residue. So, here vaping may not be a better option than smoking.

  1. Privacy issues

Everybody near you will know that you are smoking cannabis since it produces a treacherous cloud and give a distinctive smell. Nonetheless, vaping will provide a person with the privacy he needs. People around you will believe that you are taking a dose of nicotine. Vapors produced during vaping does not stink your hair, clothes, or car.

It is a convenient way of taking your daily dose of medical marijuana anytime and anywhere. It eliminates the dropping of CBD oil under the tongue, swallowing pills, or smoking.

  1. Efficiency

Smoking involves the burning of cannabis. Thus, most of the cannabis goes up in smoke, and it loses the vital cannabinoids like THC or CBD. Contrary, vaping may retain a maximum of ninety-five percent of the crucial cannabinoids.

Therefore, vaping is more efficient than smoking, as it reduces the wastage of your precious herb.

  1. Cleaner taste

Even though smoking marijuana may taste well, vaping enables you to taste all the elusive differences in flavor that come with different cannabis strains. It is possible since there are nearly no deadly by-products linked to vaping. Also, e-liquids come in distinct flavors, thus giving you a plethora of options to choose from.

Thus, the taste is cleaner or purer. Also, the temperature settings of a vaporizer help you control the flavor to make it possible to fine-tune vaping experience.

  1. Maintenance issues

Smoking requires some weed, a piece of paper, and skill in rolling up the dry herb. Also, you need to have a lighter to spark it. Therefore, no maintenance required.

Vaping, on the other hand, involves:

  • Grinding – you need to grind the weed thoroughly or use concentrate that you should dissolve in your extract ratio or add a solution.
  • Battery – vape pens work using a battery.
  • Breakdown – there is a likelihood of a vape pen to fail.
  • Cleaning – after vaping, you need to clean the vape pen. Also, when changing e-liquids, it is prudent to clean the vape pen.

Smoking is a better choice for lazy people when it comes to the above factors.

  1. Cost-effective

Money is another crucial factor since the amount you are willing to spend will determine if you will smoke or vape. For smoking, a person needs to buy weed, rolling paper, and lighter. However, you will be purchasing these things regularly, which, in the long-term, becomes expensive.

Vaping requires a vaporizer, which varies from $50 to about $400. Also, the cartilages might be costly. Thus, the initial cost to vaping is expensive, but you do not buy them frequently. In this case, vaping will turn out to be cheaper in the long run.


According to the above factors, vaping seems to be a better option than smoking overall. Nevertheless, remember that people are different, and their lifestyles, habits, and how they react to cannabis differ. Therefore, they can choose to consume cannabis by vaping or smoking, depending on their preferences, health problems, and safety issues.

Keeping that in mind, comparing vaping vs. smoking will help you decide whether to use a vape pen when consuming marijuana or prepare a new dose to smoke it.

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