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Using a Microscope to Inspect Cannabis Plants

For cannabis growers, it’s such a rewarding experience to be able to harvest the weed you’ve cultivated on your own. This will not only signify the end of a lot of hard work, but it also means you can now finally enjoy the plants that you have worked so hard for!

With that in mind, any cannabis grower knows that waiting for the perfect time to harvest the crop can be a major test of patience. It can be really difficult to determine when exactly is the right time. This is when the microscope comes in handy!

Closer Inspection Ensures Better Harvest

When it comes to growing cannabis, always remember that the more trichomes the plant has, the better. This is because these “tiny hairs” contain the terpenes that protect the plants against the harsh environment. Furthermore, the terpenes are where the cannabinoids can be found which is the component of the plant that comes with many benefits. The largest trichomes can be seen by the naked eye. However, most of them are difficult to see without the use of a microscope.

A microscope allows for a clearer view of the transparency and color of the heads of the glandular trichomes. This will mainly depend on the plant’s maturity. In most instances, the flowers have to be harvested once the heads turn into opaque or amber color.

Early Detection of Pests and Parasites

A smart grower knows that it’s best to have a close-up view of the cannabis plants way before the trichomes start to develop. It’s because eliminating the infestation, whether it’s spider mites, mold or other invaders, is so much easier if the population hasn’t expanded its infestation on the plants just yet.

Pests normally go unnoticed until it’s too late because there are a few visible signs at the early stages of infestation. With the use of a proper microscope, it’s possible to determine the presence of spider egg mites and flush them out before they grow into adults and attack your leaves.

Choosing the Right Microscope

When choosing a microscope, it’s important to note that the resolution is as important as the magnification. If your trichomes can’t be viewed clearly since the lens mixes with the small details, then the quality of the images will be poor regardless of the microscope’s magnification. The resolution will usually depend on the quality of the lens and the light frequency. The shorter the wavelength that illuminates the specimen, the greater the resolution will be. The light will also affect the contrast and the more intense the light, the more contrast you will get.

Choosing the right microscope to buy might be tricky, but learning how to use the microscope should be easy. The market is flooded with all sorts of microscopes out there and it’s important that you choose one that can be useful in observing the trichomes of your cannabis plants. Of course, the quality of the device is an important consideration as well.

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