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Top Cannabis Stocks to Invest in 2019

It’s been a tough time for the cannabis stocks in the past five weeks. However, the legal cannabis industry has remained unstoppable. For one, Canada has recently legalized the use of recreational cannabis and secondly, the US FDA has approved the first drug made of cannabis. Above all, there are now currently 33 states in the US that have given a go signal to medical cannabis. While investors may need to be more patient before the legal cannabis industry matures, cannabis stocks definitely offer great potential for investors.

It’s not easy to diversify within the cannabis industry but here are the cannabis stocks to invest in 2019 that can make for a perfect investment portfolio.

  1. CannTrust Holdings

CannTrust may have suffered from a 4th quarter loss but the company’s cash raise could fund its purchase of 200 acres of land that they will use to cultivate up to 200,000 kilos of weed. Although some will end up in dispensaries, most of this will be processed for various CBD products, such as cannabis-infused beverages and edibles. CannTrust is also planning to cultivate a total of 100,000 kilos of cannabis each year through hydroponic methods.

  1. Charlotte’s Web Holdings

Your cannabis investment portfolio would be incomplete if you got no direct exposure to the CBD craze. Thus, one of the best cannabis stocks to invest in 2019 is from a North American based cannabis company, Charlotte’s Web Holdings. As of the moment, there are not many companies out there that have a greater market share for hemp-derived products except Charlotte’s Web. The company has CBD capsules, topicals, oils etc.

  1. Flowr Corp.

For a perfect investment portfolio, you should have something of a niche and a bit of a wild card, which is what the Flowr Corp is. What’s good about this company is that they focus on developing premium cannabis strains. The interesting thing about this is that they cater to a totally different client, the affluent ones. These users are all about the experience and they don’t appreciate the traditional cannabis culture.

  1. KushCo Holdings

A perfect investment portfolio should have a solid ancillary player. While the performance of KushCo in the past few months may not be pretty, the company is actually looking to capitalize on three fronts. First of all, the company is a branding and packaging solutions specialist that helps thousands of companies in complying with the federal, state, and local laws. Secondly, they have a vape product business, and third, they supply the hydrocarbon gases used for the production of cannabis concentrates and oils.

  1. Trulieve Cannabis

When diversifying your portfolio, you need to have exposure to the US’ burgeoning cannabis industry and Trulieve would be an ideal company for this. It’s based in Florida and integrates a cannabis company that controls its products, from seed, production, to sale. What makes the company special is that it has stayed grounded on its home state despite having a presence in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California. As a dominant dispensary in Florida, Trulieve’s branding initiates all the talking, which is why they have very low operating expenses. There’s no doubt that Trulieve is definitely among the best cannabis stocks to invest in 2019.

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