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Top 4 Games You Should Play When You’re High

Below is a list of marijuana games online that are fun to play with your friends. But there’s just one golden rule in order to fully enjoy these games, especially if this is your first time playing them – you need to get high! Regardless of your taste, these fun games to play while high are guaranteed to give you a fun-filled experience with your friends! Be warned though that some of the games might leave you and your friends too high to even move.

  1. Strip Choker

A house party wouldn’t be fun without some nudity, right? The strip choker game is guaranteed to make this rite of passage even more enjoyable for everyone. For as long as your peers are comfortable with stripping down to their underwear, then this game should be easy to play. Arrange yourselves in a circle while a bong is being passed around and each participant must take a hit. Make sure you hold that hit until such time that the bong goes back to you. Anyone who won’t be able to hold or those who will cough up in between turns will be asked to take clothing off until there’s nothing left to take off!

  1. Straight-Faced Stoner

The title of this game is contradicting because the chances of sporting a straight face while stoned are slim to none, which is exactly why this game is pretty exciting. The rule behind this game is pretty simple – encourage everyone to keep a straight face when you’re all stoned. Whoever laughs, smiles or snorts awkwardly will be punished. The punishment should be decided upon by the entire group, which may include hitting from the bong or even worse!

  1. Medusa

The Greek mythology states that if you look into goddess Medusa, you’ll be turned into a stone. In this game, however, looking into another player will get you stoned, which is pretty much the same, right? To get started, all players must bow their heads while holding a joint. After counting, all players must stare wide-eyed into another player. If the person you’re looking at happens to be looking at another person, then you’re okay. However, if they are also looking back at you, make sure you yell, “Medusa!” and both players must light a joint to take a hit. This game ends once everyone gets to light a joint or when everyone becomes too stoned to even continue playing.

  1. Bong Pong

Yes, this is a classic game, but who says you can never re-create a classic game? To play this game, two players should stand opposite to each other and must bounce a Ping-Pong ball towards a cup of water or beer. If anyone succeeds, he or she gets to fire up a joint. And as an added bonus, anyone who gets to make a successful shot will be rewarded with a shot of beer that was forfeited from the losing player. Whether you’re losing or winning, this game will leave you stumbling in the end.

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