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Top 3 Popular Methods to Use Cannabis

Remember that how you consume cannabis can have a profound effect on you. There are a number of ways weed can be used and each comes with its own pros and cons.

Here are the top 3 cannabis consumption methods and what each of them can do for you:

  • Smoking

The most common way of using cannabis is by smoking. For this method, dried cannabis leaves, flowers, or hash are inhaled and combusted through a pipe, bong, or joint. The effects are felt instantly although they could wear off after an hour or two. When the weed is smoked through a joint, it’s often combined with tobacco or dried leaves of white sage, papaya, or eucalyptus.

Cannabis inhalation is often seen as a cheap and convenient way of staying high since it will only require you to roll papers, pipe, or bong. You should be able to acquire these things without any problem. However, smoking may not be the healthiest way of using cannabis. Combusting plant materials have been shown to produce carcinogens and this also applies to cannabis. Although the cannabis itself doesn’t contain any of these carcinogens in its natural form, burning it could break the compounds that will eventually be converted to harmful substances.

  • Vaporizing

Another popular method of heating cannabis is by vaporizing. For this method, the cannabis is heated to a point that the THC and cannabinoids at the bud will be converted into a vapor. This method is healthier than smoking and is also easy. It makes use of a much lower temperature, which boils the compounds out without any combustion. Therefore, no smoke will be produced.

You’ll also find that your bud can go a lot further when vaporizing the cannabis. Since the vapor is capable of maintaining the cannabinoid content, less is needed unlike when smoking. Using a vaporizer is also a more discreet way of using cannabis since it won’t produce any lingering smell.

  • Edibles

Cannabis ingestion is the tastiest way to get high! You simply have to cook the cannabis and you can immediately consume it. Edible cannabis can be made into pizzas, crepes, cookies, and brownies. Most recipes will require 1-2 hours to be cooked but this method generally produces a longer lasting and stronger high compared to the other two methods above. The best thing about the edibles is that you can keep them fresh in the fridge for as long as you want and they are always ready to be consumed at any time you want to.

The potency of cannabis edibles varies greatly so it’s hard to gauge the actual amount of THC in each. Metabolism, weight, as well as eating habits, will also have an effect on the dosage. Eating cannabis edibles on an empty stomach could intensify its effects. Therefore, it’s important that you know the right dosage that will work for you.

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