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Top 3 Cannabis Trends in California

Although California wasn’t the first state to legalize cannabis use, it’s the state that’s on the lead in terms of market size and overall revenue. As a matter of fact, the state has the biggest legal market of cannabis all over the world, bigger than the combined countries of Uruguay and Canada. The trends in cannabis in California are expected to expand east and perhaps, outside the country, just like the chic edibles and the potent cannabis vaporizer pen kits, which have all started on the west coast.

Below are the three hottest cannabis trends in California, which influence the world of cannabis today.

  1. Beach-Inspired Branding

Artistic beach-inspired elements like surfboards, palm trees, and driftwood perfectly define the state of California and these elements are dominating the industry of cannabis today.

Some cannabis products are embodying the surf and beach culture that has been synonymous with the west coast. For instance, Caliva’s products are known for their palm-tree clad packages. The products have dominated the Bay Area and most of the areas in Southern California. In fact, some of the dispensary homes in San Jose exude an ambiance similar to beachside surf shops.

Cannabis-infused cold and fizzy drinks are also becoming a hit in the California crowd just like the low-calorie fruity beverages that the California Dreamin and Mood33 have produced. Sure, not everyone in California has easy access to the beach, but by simply consuming these beach-inspired products, they will be able to feel the California vibe.

  1. Craft and Small-Batch Cannabis Products

Farm to table is not only a trend in the food industry. It’s now in the cannabis industry, too. Whether for medical, ethical, or recreational purposes, people always prefer to use farm fresh cannabis.

More and more cannabis users are beginning to realize the importance of farm values like craftsmanship, sustainability, organic principles, as well as hands-on farming techniques, which ideally requires taking advantage of the California soil and sun. These cannabis brands tend to build value as time goes by while the trend continues to move towards the use of all-natural cannabis products.

  1. Luxury Lifestyle

Unlike the bespoke cannabis products, brand names that have flooded the scene with expensive and unique items have scored big in terms of style. These products are usually meant for the upper class of cannabis users and were specifically created for them. Consumers from the Silicon Valley and Hollywood don’t seem to frequent the usual storefront dispensaries. Fortunately, home delivery is considered legal in California and it’s ideal for those who would prefer to go anonymous in their purchase and use of cannabis.

Although it’s Colorado that has first legalized the adult use of cannabis, there’s no doubt that California is the cultural and political epicenter of legal cannabis use. Having the biggest market of cannabis in the world, it wouldn’t be surprising to see California dominate the world market soon.

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