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Tips to Keep in Mind When You Use Cannabis for the First Time

Are you excited about using cannabis for the first time? There’s so much that might be going through your mind at the moment. You might be nervous, concerned, and excited among other things. What’s a guarantee is that your first experience will determine so much about your interaction with cannabis, and you have to savor the moment. This is the moment that most people never forget because they realize just how much they had been missing out on.

We will look at some safety tips that should help you get through your first cannabis experience without a hitch.

Getting It Right

You’re probably worried about the effect that cannabis will have on you, and rightly so. There are different strains of cannabis out there, and this determines the impact that it will have when you indulge. Unique varieties mean you will encounter different appearances, flavor, aroma, and effects.

There are two main varieties that you will come across, Sativa and Indica. The sativa strain is popular with those who’re looking for some giddiness and energy. That is the kind of high you will get. Indica, on the other hand, is subtle and is all about relaxation. This is why Indica is recommended for those who want to ease off pain, muscle tension and works even for those who struggle with anxiety.


The other issue you will want to address is how to consume cannabis. One good thing you can be thankful for at the moment is the fact that there’s quite a variety here too. You can choose to smoke, vape or enjoy cannabis as edibles. These are the most common options. However, also have tinctures and sprays. The cannabis industry is growing and is still in the infancy stage, and for this reason, there’s so much more that’s still in the development stage, so you can expect more ways of consumption to come up as time goes by.

For a beginner, however, choose from the basics, and choose a method that’s convenient for you. Remember that tinctures and sprays administered sublingually are more effective in achieving the effect that you’re looking for. You should feel their effect in as little as 15 minutes from the time of administration. Edibles, on the other hand, can take anywhere between half an hour and two hours before you feel the effect.


Even though everyone seems to be excited about indulging in cannabis, there are some things that you should have at the back of your mind, which will guide you as you make your first cannabis use.

The legislation is a very important factor. Of course, cannabis is increasingly getting accepted almost everywhere. However, you must remember that state law is different from federal law. In many cases, federal law still considers cannabis a banned substance, so be very careful with this.

Remember that cannabis is about you and your personal feelings. Therefore, as you try to enjoy your space, don’t interfere with someone else’s peace and freedom by exercising yours. Not everyone can stand the cannabis experience, so be mindful of others around you.

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