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The Guide on Dab and Wax Vaporizer Pen

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With the recent wave of cannabis legalization sweeping across the world, the hype around this green herb is higher than ever. People are using cannabis for both recreational and medicinal reasons alike. The increasing popularity is also giving rise to more and more ways of using the herb. While vaping is already a favorite among the youth, they are now switching to dab pens to smoke cannabis concentrates. Are you planning to indulge in dab or wax vaporizer pens? Don’t know where to begin? Here are all the essential things that you must know before you invest in one.

What are vaporizers?

Gone are the times of rolling the cannabis plant in a joint to smoke it. To ingest the cannabinoids of the plant, people now use electronic vaporizers. A vape only heats the fluid, concentrate, or herb to produce vapor that you can breathe in through your mouth. It eliminates the harmful effects of smoking by avoiding the burning of the substance but lets you enjoy a similar impact. A typical vaporizer has four major components:

  • A tank that contains oil or concentrate
  • A battery that gives power to the device
  • An atomizer which turns the concentrate into vapor
  • Sensors that control temperature, voltage, and other mechanisms

All about Dab or Wax Vaporizer Pen

A wax vaporizer pen is a sleek and compact device that allows you to use cannabis concentrates. The concentrate can be cannabis dabs or wax that is more potent as it has a higher consistency of cannabinoids. Cannabis plant goes through a rigorous process of extraction, where the manufacturers either use Butane (BHO) or Carbon Dioxide (Co2) to extract the cannabinoids from it. Powered by a battery, the coil melts the wax to produce vapor rich in cannabinoids and offers an instant hit.

The wax pen enables you to smoke the wax form of cannabis. But, if you go out looking for cannabis wax, there are chances that you might not find a product with a label that says wax. Instead, the products would be called resin, shatter, or budder. Here are all the types of cannabis wax that you can get:

  • Shatter: Shatter, true to its name, looks like broken glass, or candy. It is a hard concentrate that can turn into a thick liquid resembling honey when you heat it.
  • Live resin: If you are looking for the best and the most expensive cannabis wax, it is live resin. To make this form of wax, the plant goes through deep-freezing first and then through the extraction process. It helps preserve all the cannabinoids and terpenes into it.
  • Crumble: The manufacturers use a solvent like butane to extract the wax. During the purging stage, they use vacuum filtration and heat to remove the solvents. You get a cannabis wax with a crumbled cheese-like consistency.
  • Budder: During the extraction process, the use of higher temperatures and constant whipping like cake batter gives budder a gooey consistency.

How to use a dab or wax vaporizer pen?

While there are plenty of ways to use cannabis concentrates like dab rigs, oil rigs, or even bongs, it is a vaporizer pen that proves to be the most efficient method. A vape pen for dab or wax contains a chamber that holds your wax, a mouthpiece to inhale the vapor, and a battery. You can charge the battery through the micro USB charger. Depending upon the pen you choose, it will have buttons to change the temperature and voltage setting. Once you have a suitable wax vaporizer pen and your choice of wax, you are all ready to experience the magic.

You can start vaping wax by taking a small amount of it. Place the concentrate on the coil and press the power button to activate the device, which then starts producing heat. Let the heat melt the wax on the wick, which is the absorbing material that carries the concentrate to the coil. Later on, the wick heats it and produces vapor that goes into the mouthpiece, and you can inhale it from there. It is essential to keep the temperature in mind here as each concentrate requires a different heating level to melt. Ideally, the temperature can range from 360 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in case of wax. Still, if you are using oily substances, the temperature required can go up from 440 degrees to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why should you buy a dab or wax pen?

With the growing popularity of vaping, a series of different products have come up in the market. Are you wondering why it is wise to invest in a dab pen? Here are a few benefits that might help you make a choice:

  • Portable: You can carry a vape pen while you are on the go and smoke the wax as and when you need it. The easy portability makes it immensely beneficial for medicinal uses.
  • Allows micro-dosing: When it comes to using dabs, you only need to use a small quantity of the concentrate. You don’t have to keep buying the wax, unlike herbs or liquids, and it proves to be economical in the long run.
  • Healthier alternative: Vaping avoids combustion or burning of the plant matter, which helps keep the toxic chemicals away. Using wax pens will not affect your throat, lungs, or your overall health.
  • More potency: The cannabis concentrates are more potent as they have a higher level of cannabinoids. You can get an instant dose of the cannabinoids upon inhaling and get relief from pain or anxiety.
  • Discreet: A vape is a tiny and compact device that can fit in your pocket. Moreover, you can use it discreetly even in public, as it leaves no smoke and smell.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis concentrates, be it dabs or wax, are emerging to be the future of using the plant. They are more potent, have better and long-lasting effects, and are pocket-friendly. If you think concentrates are the right way to consume cannabis for you, it is time to get yourself an electronic vaporizer.       

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