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The Best Cannabis Indica Strains Available in 2019

Indica strains are widely used for the treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other illnesses. One of its biggest benefits is in the treatment of seizures. The strains are known for their sweet aroma with distinct strong flavors.

Below is a list of the top 10 cannabis indica strains:

  1. Blue Mystic

This strain is a combination of Oregon and California strains. The bushy plant is capable of growing up to 1 meter high, although it’s recommended to top or pinch the plant just like bonsai for maximum yield. Its harvest time is around 8 weeks although you can wait until 10 weeks for a sweeter fruity flavor that gives a stonier high.

  1. Bubble Kush

This is a sweet indica-dominant sativa hybrid strain that contains 19% THC. The Bubble Kush is an ideal blend for those who are seeking a relaxing and natural bliss as you explore your mind. Its seeds are capable of producing plants up to 200 cm high outdoors or 140 cm high indoors.

  1. Ice

This is the most notable of all indica strains. It’s recognized for its aromatic and frosty bud and produces a sparkling and bountiful yield in only as little as 8 weeks. However, some growers would prefer to extend the growth to 10 weeks. This strain is basically a hybrid of Skunk, Afghan, and Northern Lights. Although it won’t produce the highest amount of yield, it makes up for its high and flavor.

  1. Northern Light

This strain is a favorite among cannabis growers and connoisseurs worldwide. Although its exact genetics are unknown, many believe that this strain is a result of the hybridization of 11 different varieties. The strains are indica-dominant and have a heady and couch-lock high with a smooth and distinct flavor.

  1. Special Kush #1

This strain is a great choice for novice growers. These plants are capable of growing up to three meters high and they prefer to thrive outdoors. The seeds yield small tight buds. However, the smoke that this strain produces has a hash-like stone.

  1. Fat Banana

The sweetness of the flavor of banana is apparent in this strain. This was produced as a result of the combination of C. Banana and OG Kush. The plant features a green sticky and produces a yield of 350 to 400g/m² when grown under 600W lights.

  1. G. Kush

This is a world-renowned strain prized for its distinct flavor and excellent potency. It features a dank flavor and its strong aroma and aftertaste linger as you enjoy intense a head and body high.

  1. Pineapple Kush

This strain is a descendant of the OG Kush and it combines the potency of the Original Gangsta along with a pleasant and sweet aroma. You could taste a hint of vanilla and caramel with this strain on top of the pineapple. It produces a heady high and is not quite as physical as the OG Kush.

  1. Royal Cookies

The Royal Cookies are among the most popular strains of all the indica genetics. It produces aroma similar to warm cookies. The sweet flavor is tantalizing for the senses with a THC content that’s as high as 23%.

  1. Speedy Chile Express

This is an autoflowering hybrid that’s a combination of the Green Poison and Chile Indica. Its indica-dominant characteristics will make you stay buzzed while staying focused and alert.

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