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The 4 Most Innovative Cannabis Products in the Marketplace

The legal cannabis market is developing by leaps and bounds every passing day. The effects of the legalization of cannabis can be seen on all industries. From food to beauty and even tech, all industries are touched by cannabis and its legalization. There are a number of startup and tech companies working to provide innovative cannabis products from Massachusetts to Colorado and about a dozen other states where cannabis is legalized.

Here are some of the companies that have introduced highly innovative and useful cannabis products and are making rounds in the market.

1.    Green Jay

The Joint Tube from Green Jay is one of the most innovative cannabis related products we have in the market. It is the perfect travel accessory all cannabis consumers have been waiting for. Designed in Portland, transporting cannabis has been made easy by Green Jay through this joint tube.

The Green Jay is available in a variety of colors. It also comes with a childproof locking mechanism that keeps it away from the reach of children. The design is minimal, and the best part is that it keeps cannabis from bumping around in the tube. The device allows you to plug your cannabis into the end cap before you screw it on.

2.    Smokus Focus

A storage product, Smokus Focus is designed keeping the needs of both the consumers as well as retailers in mind. It allows you to display your products in its fullest potential using their storage jars. The storage jars come with LED lights that allow the consumer to inspect the flower before they purchase it or when it is at their home. The jars are air tight and come with a recharging option that allows the jar to be used again, reducing waste.

3.    Oil Slick

Based in Washington, Oil Slick is the go-to company for the people looking for non-stick dabbing supplies. Their high-quality silicone dab mats are ideal for cannabidiol processors and producers, as well as for everyday consumers. With Oil Slick, you will be able to protect your glass while also retaining all of the oil that can otherwise turn into a mess. This makes it ideal for the people who like to keep it clean when working with cannabidiol.

4.    Paracanna Zen Zingers

If you are one of those who like to experiment with cannabis edibles, this is the product for you. Zen Zingers allows you to make your own cannabis infused candies. It is a kit that comes in four flavors, mango, cherry, raspberry and grapefruit. Making your own cannabis infused candies takes just ten minutes but you will have to put them for an hour to set.

With Zen Zingers, you can make your own personal cannabis edibles. You can control the amount of THC or CBD in them and thus have a control over your experience. The kit comes with all the supplies and you can also order a kit refill if you are out of the supplies.

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