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Should You Take Big or Small Hits When You Some Weed?

Many cannabis users think that taking a gigantic hit from a bong is the only sure-fire way of getting higher than high. But is there some truth behind this? Does more smoke mean more THC?

Unfortunately, this is simply a myth and here are the reasons why you don’t necessarily need to take big hits in order to enjoy your weed.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Big Hits

In order to get a better perspective on things, let’s understand how our lungs actually work. Every time we breathe, we’re not actually that efficient in absorbing oxygen and exhaling the carbon dioxide. Although our lungs are capable of holding up to 6 liters of air in only one breath we’re actually expelling a good amount of that oxygen each time we exhale. If our lungs were able to absorb oxygen more efficiently, we could possibly take all these 6 liters of air in with just one go. Thus, we wouldn’t need to breathe for a while. However, we tend to take short breaths often.

The truth is that our lungs are only capable of absorbing 5 to 6 ml of oxygen every minute and this same principle applies when smoking weed. It’s not possible to force more THC into your system if you’re holding some smoke in your lungs.

Taking Big Hits Will Make You Higher

Indeed, you could “feel higher” if you take bigger hits instead of holding them, however, this is because you are actually depriving your brain of some oxygen. The dizziness and the lightheadedness that you’ll feel can be further compounded by the smoke’s carbon monoxide. By simply inhaling a larger hit of smoke, you could trick your body into feeling that the amount of THC that you’re taking is also bigger. But then again, this is not really true.

Our Bodies Absorb THC Instantly

Our lungs are capable of transferring oxygen from air or THC from smoke almost immediately. As soon as you take a hit, almost all of the THC from the weed will enter your body instantly. Therefore, there’s no need to hold your smoke for a longer period of time, or at all, for that matter.

Holding in Your Smoke is Unhealthy

The active compounds found in cannabis, such as the CBD, THC, flavonoids, and terpenes, only comprise of a small amount of what’s contained in a weed smoke. The rest of the content is made of different substances and most of them are actually harmful to the body. Remember that the longer you hold the smoke in, the more these toxic byproducts will settle in your body. This sounds unhealthy and it definitely is!

How to Get as High as Possible?

So how do you get as high as possible? The simple answer is to simply smoke more. Or if you believe that your current weed may not give you your desired effect, then you may need to go for stronger strains. Another option is to dab concentrates or to take edibles.

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