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New Cannabis Study Takes a Look at the Lives of Divorced Fathers and Microdosing Mothers

We may not be aware of it but as we share our life’s daily struggles and triumphs in social media, we’re actually unknowingly participating in a study conducted regarding cultural shifts.

Because of the legalization of cannabis in various states, the industry now has easy access to data unlike ever before. As such, studying trends is now possible and the results are somewhat surprising.

For instance, the Brightfield Group’s study on the emerging demographics through social media has resulted in some interesting information regarding two groups of parents – divorced dads and mothers who use microdoses of cannabis, or the microdosing moms.

Divorced Dads and Cannabis Use

The study of the Brightfield Group revealed that about 41% of divorced fathers are using cannabis on a daily basis. Half of those who participated in the study are between 46 and 55 years old while the rest are between the ages of 36 and 40. 5% of these dads are new users.

When asked for the reason behind their use, most of them admitted that it helps them to relax and perform household duties easily. About half of them used cannabis to help them actively participate in outdoor activities.

While most mothers wouldn’t mind confidently sharing their experiences of using cannabis on social media, the divorced dads were a bit insecure and hesitant to describe their cannabis experience.

Microdosing Mothers

The term microdosing mothers refer to those moms who have kids at home and are using small doses of cannabis (less than 100 mg). Almost half of the moms who were included in the Brightfield’s study were aged 21-35 while the rest were aged 46-79 and 36-45. These mothers are only taking a small amount of cannabis in order to benefit from the THC and to avoid the psychoactive effects that could interfere with their daily life. The practice of microdosing has actually become a growing trend among cannabis users.

The study found that the most common reasons why these moms microdose on cannabis is to treat anxiety and depression while some use it to treat chronic pain.  However, most of them use it to relax and to get a boost of energy which they need to help them perform their daily duties.

The Relevance of the Study

The data that the Brightfield Group obtained is helpful in many ways. It can help economists, policymakers, and the industry of cannabis to gain insight into the lives and experiences of the users of cannabis. Furthermore, the data will also make the public more aware over how cannabis is used in the medical field and who are the people who need cannabis the most. By providing the public with this information, cannabis advocates are hoping to put an end to the stigma that currently surrounds cannabis use. They also hope that such information can help encourage policymakers around the world to make a sound decision on the legalization of cannabis use.

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