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Meditating with Cannabis: A guide for beginners

Are stress and anxiety becoming an everyday emotion for you? Well, then many people around you or on the internet must have already advised you to take up meditation. But did you know that there’s another ingredient that you can use to attain mental peace and awakening? It is cannabis. The therapeutic properties of this plant are helping many people fight their battle against mental troubles. Read on to find out how.

Cannabis: What is the fuss all about?   

The cannabis plant goes by multiple names, but the benefits it offers are the same. While people have been using cannabis for centuries to combat multiple physical ailments, it is only now that people are fully accepting its use. It contains over a hundred cannabinoids, out of which CBD and THC are the more prominent ones. While CBD is the cannabinoid that gives marijuana its medicinal properties, it is THC, which impacts the brain and induces a ‘high.’ Wondering where you can get it from? There are plenty of stores that deliver marijuana Canada right at your doorstep.

Can cannabis make your meditation better?

Meditation is all about being aware and at ease. While being in the moment and aware of the surroundings define meditation for most people, sometimes being in a state of euphoric high can give you the same relaxation. There are three ways in which cannabis can enhance your meditation sessions:

  • Clarifies your mind and intention: The spiritual aspect of cannabis extends to the awakening of consciousness, and isn’t that the entire purpose of meditation? Using marijuana during the sessions shows that you have the intent to amplify the thoughts and ideas that you will perceive during the state of trance. It is more like having the intention to use cannabis to bring out your subconscious mind and suppressed emotions, to know about the world inside you.

Cannabis creates a realm of an open mind, open heart, and takes you into a deeper and more relaxed state. Upon using cannabis, no matter the method, the THC content will not only calm your mind but also relieve you of the stress of the outer world. It will give you a high, where your sense becomes heightened, and you can experience the spiritual world better.

  • Calms you physically: The therapeutic effects of cannabis are not just limited to the mind; it extends to the entire body. Cannabis release cannabinoids which interact with your organs through the receptors which can calm your body. It relaxes the muscles and puts your body in a feel-good zone, which further improves the quality of your sessions. During the meditative session, when you smoke cannabis, it ensures that the oxygen-rich blood reaches your mind and body and enhances the potentiality of mind. Since both the mind and body are experiencing the euphoric effects of cannabis, you get closer to spiritual awakening.
  • Detaches you from your mind: Meditating basically means letting go of the busy mind, dissolving it for a while, and then reducing the focus on “me.” Attaining this habit is not an easy feat. It takes continuous practice to reach a level of balance that eliminates the concept of myself. Cannabis can help make this task easy for you. The spiritual effects of cannabis let your mind divulge the thousands of thoughts in your head, the old patterns, ego, and wounds. By detaching from the negative forces and feelings, you are ready to embrace the harmony and peace that comes with an awakened mind.

How to use cannabis during meditation?

While there is no prescribed limit for cannabis during meditation, it takes a hit and trial to know the right dosage for you. Each person has different needs and capacities, which alters the suitable dosage from user to user. Here are a few methods of consuming cannabis:

  • Smoking: Smoking the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant is the most common and most effective way to calm the nerves. You can start by taking 1 to 3 puffs and then increase the intensity when you feel the need. It helps you keep a tab on the dosage and avoids the chance of getting too high or not high enough.
  • Edibles: With the recent wave of cannabis that is taking over the world, cannabis-infused products are dominating the market. You can get edibles like brownies, gummy bears, chocolate, or even coffee that lets you reap in the benefits of cannabis. Twisted extracts gums are also an excellent way to enjoy the buzz.

When you decide to use cannabis during meditation, make sure that you pick quality strains that offer higher relaxation. Do not start with extremes like heavy Indica strains that restrict to the couch or highly stimulating Sativa strains, for it can be overstimulating and lead to disharmony. Find something that is mild when you start using cannabis.

Final thoughts

Using cannabis during meditation can not only enhance your spiritual journey but also improve your overall well-being. So, if you wish to awaken your mental self and enjoy the entire experience, it is time you give cannabis a try.

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