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Medical Marijuana Oklahoma Going Through State Inspections

In order to provide an extra layer of protection for the THC and CBD food products being sold in Oklahoma, state inspectors will be visiting marijuana dispensaries. According to the Department of Health of the state, a group of inspectors will be conducting an inspection on the marijuana and CBD dispensaries in the state, including the processors, in order to carry out the arduous task of inspecting hundreds of new businesses. They will check to make sure that their operations are in compliance with the laws set for medical marijuana Oklahoma.

The cannabis industry might be new but those who are involved in the industry have agreed that there are lots of safety concepts that are still not met. But the Cannabis Industry Association of Oklahoma, which is headed by Bud Scott, is hoping that the inspectors will not be very stringent with them.

Basic Guidelines for Dispensaries

According to the Cannabis Industry Association, most of the discussions that they have with the state’s Department of Health are centered on the basic guidelines for dispensaries that will be distributing edibles. There was not some sort of a checklist or clear regulatory guidelines provided for the distribution of medical marijuana Oklahoma.

Furthermore, they believe that the health inspectors might have a hard time trying to figure out what would work best in this industry, which uses different equipment compared to commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Food Licenses

In the previous months, the Oklahoma Health Department gave these businesses a grace period to acquire their food licenses. Currently, there are around 366 food licenses that were issued for medical marijuana while 304 licenses are still on review or waiting for payment. This is according to the data that the agency has provided. These figures are expected to increase continuously as more and more CBD products will be made available in the dispensaries.

Guidelines Came As a Surprise

While the guidelines set for the inspection of food requirements have already been clearly written on the books for a while now, this still came as a surprise to some companies. In fact, several dispensaries were outraged when they found out that they are required to participate in the inspection since they are selling goods that are pre-packaged.

According to the spokesman of the state’s Health Department, these inspections are meant to ensure the safety of the consumers. Most companies in the industry have, in fact, welcomed this move. The aim is to make sure that the customers are aware of what they are buying whenever they come across these products on the shelves. This is for them to know that these products have actually undergone a rigorous inspection and are considered safe for consumption.

The Health Department also added that it is the county’s responsibility to conduct these types of inspections for businesses. The inspectors will be checking the products to ensure that the edibles have been labeled correctly and adhere to the appropriate food codes. This includes selling products that are in-date and correctly labeling the products that are being distributed under the medical marijuana Oklahoma program.

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