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Leaf and Lion Cannabis Dispensary’s Grand Opening (Port Hueneme)

Leaf and Lion is a premiere cannabis dispensary based out of Port Hueneme in California. While the company began its humble operations in 2018, it will be holding its grand opening on November 24, 2019, Sunday. There will be a total of 15 vendors offering deals on different products on this day, the entire day, and local businesses will also be attending to provide complimentary services to customers. Customers who spend $50 or more will be receiving 2 free tacos from Carnites El Brother, the restaurant next door. Be sure to visit https://leafandlion.com/ for more details.

Leaf and Lion remains committed to providing the highest-grade cannabis to its customers in Port Hueneme and beyond. As an increasingly recognized expert in high quality, homegrown cannabis, Leaf and Lion also prides itself in being able to provide concrete guidance and much-needed knowledge to customers who are interested in using cannabis for their different needs. The dispensary is also dedicated in staying abreast of the latest trends in the industry of legal marijuana in the country. The company’s name is a mark of distinction, as it strives to become the leader in an increasingly competitive cannabis market. The dispensary is well aware of the positive impact of marijuana in people’s lives, as this medicinal plant plays so many healing roles in the lives of its users.

Leaf and Lion believes that knowledge is power, and that its customers should receive not just the best marijuana concentrates and flowers, but also the best information that people can actually use to make important decisions about their use of cannabis. As of today, the dispensary is working hard to maintain its positive position in the community by widening its knowledge of cannabis cultivation, with the ultimate aim of improving people’s lives and health through the use of high-quality cannabis.

Customers who have been looking for a professionally-run cannabis dispensary that is staffed with people who actually know a lot about the industry itself and how cannabis can positively impact people’s lives, you have found the right dispensary. Leaf and Lion’s products are of the highest medicinal grade and are not just accessible but also safe for its customers. The dispensary provides cannabis with both professional advice and exceptional customer care that you will simply not find anywhere else. Leaf and Lion is a veritable one stop shop for cannabis users and people who just want to know what cannabis is all about, and why so many people are using it to improve their lives.

Leaf and Lion considers its customers its patients too, as they have a commitment to thei customers’ wellbeing. Their community focus endeavors to provide the best and most accurate information to customers/patients, medical professionals, and the general public. As you may know, the future of cannabis in the country is directly proportional to how the public views the plant and its use, and the current battle to get it legalized in other states only fuels Leaf and Lion’s commitment to provide ever-better service and guidance to people.

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