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How to Use CBD to Treat Jet Lag?

If you travel quite often, then you must have experienced how it is to have a jet lag. This condition happens as a result of the imbalance in our circadian rhythms or our body’s natural clock. The rhythms are often influenced by sunlight exposure and if we travel to places with different time zones, the rhythm gets affected, so we end up suffering from headaches, inability to sleep, and other side effects.

It’s been found that the CBD is effective at treating jet lag and all the symptoms that this condition comes with. Let’s find out more about this.

Can CBD Help with Jet Lag?

Although there are ways on how you can prevent jet lag, you may still end up suffering from it, especially when you’re traveling from across two places with a vast time difference. In this case, you can rely on CBD to treat your symptoms. As a matter of fact, some experts believe that CBD seems to be almost tailor-made to treat jet lag, as it’s capable of addressing almost all of its symptoms!

These days, there are many CBD products in the market that are used for various purposes. When it comes to treating jet lag, the CBD oil tincture is highly recommended. Simply consume two drops of the oil tincture that contains about 20 mg of full spectrum CBD before your trip.

CBD Treats Sleep Disturbances

Among the most common symptoms of jet lag are sleep disturbances, which may also include the inability to sleep. CBD contains a calming cannabinoid that can help you achieve more restful sleep. The CBD has also been shown to help improve your body’s circadian rhythm, allowing you to sleep deeply at night and remain increasingly wakeful during the day. In fact, some studies show that CBD can help treat REM disturbance sleep disorders, which is one of the symptoms of jet lag.

CBD Treats Inflammation and Pain

Jet lag has different effects on different people. While most people complain about sleep disturbances, others who are on jet lag tend to suffer from a headache and other pains in the body. When it comes to this, CBD is an effective treatment. It fights inflammation and minimizes muscle pain. If you’re suffering from physical issues as a result of jet lag, then the CBD is the kind of treatment you need.

CBD Treats Anxiety and Irritability

For some people, jet lag can make them feel irritable and anxious since the condition could disrupt the brain’s cortisol levels. The CBD is capable of regulating your brain’s cortisol, as well as its serotonin and dopamine, helping you feel calm and content.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Although CBD is now widely accepted in various places all over the world, it’s important to first check if the CBD is legal in the country you’re visiting before you decide to carry the product to treat your jet lag. Some places still consider CBD illegal so in order not to get into trouble, you better do some research before your trip.

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