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How to Use a Vape Pen With Oil, Wax, E-Juice & Dry Herb

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Technology has enabled safer means of smoking offering a competent alternative. As the world learned about the harmful effects of lighting up their favorite tobacco rolls, the innovations in the area helped replace it with a much more potent and safer method called e-cigarettes. The trend advanced further to accommodate more than just tobacco and give way to smoking some herbs and plants such as cannabis through vaping.

The vaping trend has managed to capture a large chunk of the market. Brands are coming up with innovative products that eliminate the shortcomings of the previous designs and enable a smooth and seamless vaping experience. The rapid increase in interest in vaping also complements the trend of the improving market for cannabis. A substantial number of studies are happening around the world to understand the safety of vaping compared to smoking. But the principle behind vaping eliminates the toxic, carcinogenic element of smoking, which suggests vaping could be a better choice.

The Vape Pen Palette

Vape pen is a simple piece of equipment that is easy to use, carry, and clean. They offer higher efficiency while delivering the essence of the substance you vape. There are multiple types of vape pens, each of which is compatible with one or more types of vape samples. A vape pen can use samples in the form of cartridges, vape oils, dry herbs, nicotine-based e-liquids, or in some cases, waxes too. Each of these types poses advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other methods making vaping quite an exciting experience. Vape pens that use each of these different samples work slightly different in terms of loading and operating. This guide will help you use vape pens with oils, wax, dry herbs, as well as e-juices properly.

The First step – Charging your vape pens

The very first step before you begin to use a vape pen is to charge it properly. Charging a vape pen while in use can be catastrophic as it increases the chances of battery failures. Hence ensure you place your vape pen for charge well before you need to use it. Remember, keeping your vape pen battery in the best condition will ensure you can enjoy vaping for longer. Hence never leave the battery level to fall below 20 %. Always charge the battery only till 80 – 85 % to ensure the battery lasts for longer cycles. Use the recommended charger as per power specifications. Typical vape pens use either USB port chargers or a proprietary 510 connection.

The Second step – The Basics of Vaping

Once you have charged your vape pen, you are ready to start preparing for vaping. In case you have a button-operated setup, press the power button five times. Your vape pen could also be draw-activated. In that case, you don’t have to power up the device. Remember to press the button exactly when you draw to avoid overheating. These basics should be relevant for vape pens with minimal settings. If your vape pen has lots of scopes to personalize such as heat settings, preheating mode, or voltage variants, then try to start with default settings or the lowest possible variations to get a grip of your pen first. It will ensure you receive the best benefits from substances such as CBD that have natural relaxing properties.

Vaping with Dry Herbs

Vape pen designed specifically for dry samples uses conduction and convection to heat the dry herb at the right temperature. The pens have a cup to hold the sample, and most of them have default settings for heating. Unlike old heating pens that showed issues in vaporizing herbs properly, the latest designs have advanced systems that burn efficiently for vaping. Ensure you replace once the sample you placed is fully burnt. Vape in small draws to ensure you do not burn the herbs too much. This precaution may not be necessary in the case of pen designs that have a cut-off, typically in about 10 seconds. Vaping dry herbs are most appropriate for medicinal reasons where you would like to ingest the essence of certain beneficial varieties such as cannabis. Remember vaping dry herbs is a rather rough experience compared to liquids or waxes. Explore grasshopper vape one of the best dry herb vaporizers.

Vaping E-juices

Vaping e-juices is one of the most pleasing experiences of consuming nicotine. The process eliminates almost all the smell out and hence makes the draws smoother. There are two major categories of e-liquids for vape pens. Mouth to lung vapes tries to imitate the feeling of smoking, whereas a direct lung vape produces a dense cloud and enhanced airflow. Most vape pens of this category have refillable cartridges where you can add the e-juice of your choice, followed by nicotine of your desired strength. You can also use CBD vape oils in this system.

  1. Fill the tank with your e-juice and let the coil heat for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Take short and small puffs and enjoy the flavors.

Remember to replace the coils when you start feeling a burnt taste. You can gradually drop down the nicotine levels if you would like to use quit smoking.

Vaping oils

Oil cartridge-based vape pen designs accommodate most of the THC and CBD oil cartridge used for medicinal purposes. The cartridges are easy to use and replace. Simply remove the seal from the cartridge and connect it to your battery. Try to maintain the settings at the lowest specifications to ensure a smooth and cool experience. Also, this ensures the oil does not get too hot.

  1. Start by taking small draws. This step is crucial in case you are using THC as the substance might hit too intense suddenly.
  2. Choose ceramic-based coils for the setup as compared to any other materials as they are more resistant to heat and do not burn off quickly.

Vaping Wax

Vaping wax concentrates also promise a satisfying experience. The crucial step here is to prepare the wax concentrate properly for enjoying a seamless experience. Choose concentrates that melt when heated to have a good experience. Try not to choose varieties that are too mushy or thick as they will not vaporize properly.

  1. Start preparing your concentrate. Hold a small amount at the end of your dab tool and place this on top of the coil. Remember not to get the dab tool in contact with the coil surface.
  2. Ensure you prime the wick to enable proper melting of the wax around your coil.
  3. Take small draws and enjoy your vape.

These four varieties of vape pens promise to offer you exciting vaping experiences with a blend of bold flavors and healthy herbs.

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