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How to Prevent Weed Breath

Regardless of what you’re smoking, you’re bound to develop smoker’s breath. However, the effects are a little more severe with marijuana because it also induces dry mouth, also known as xerostomia.

There’s no denying that cannabis is a wonderful plant with numerous health benefits, from relaxing the body and mind to alleviating pain and treating a number of serious conditions. Thanks to its increased use, it’s more important than ever to learn how this plant works and how it actually interacts with the human body.

Why a Cannabis Dry Mouth Cause Marijuana Bad Breath?

The THC compound, which is marijuana’s main psychoactive cannabinoid, binds itself to certain receptors and cells within the body, including the cells responsible for the secretion of saliva in your mouth.

Because saliva works to constantly cleanse your mouth of undesirable elements, a lack thereof means that there’s nothing to wash away all the acids, food particles and smoke chemicals.

The situation becomes even worse if you’re smoking cannabis because then your mouth has to deal with tar and other toxins that are produced when smoking, which are not desirable chemicals to have in your mouth.

On top of that, a dry mouth will also leave you with a sore throat, a raspy voice and can even alter the way in which your taste buds work so that flavors taste different, and not in a good way.

How to Know You Have Bad Weed Breath

You’ll know that you’re developing bad breath when you notice one or a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Trouble swallowing
  • Dental plaque
  • Developing cracks at the corners of your mouth, a condition that’s scientifically known as angular cheilitis

How to Prevent Weed Breath and Dry Mouth

To eliminate marijuana breath, most smokers will often eat flavorsome foods with strong aromas, such as peanut butter or popcorn. This is obviously not a perfect solution, which is why new products are being developed to specifically alleviate cannabis breath.

Meanwhile, you can try the following tips to prevent bad cannabis smoker’s breath:

  • Clean your smoking accessories – This goes for all your pipe/s and bong/s which could develop a build-up of dirt and germ residue over time. Cleaning them will reduce your risk of getting these germs into your mouth.
  • Try consuming it in another way – With all the available cannabis products, there really is no need to smoke cannabis anymore if it gives you bad breath. You can now get your THC benefits through cannabis capsules, tinctures and even delicious edibles like cookies, gummies, and candies. Sure, your mouth will still produce less saliva after taking these, but at least there won’t be any smoke to make things worse.
  • Use mints – Always keep some mints with you in your pocket, handbag or car. That way, you can still keep your mouth smelling fresh after smoking or you can use a weed breath spray.
  • Keep sugar food intake down – Lastly, try to stay away from sugary food when you get the munchies, as consuming sugar may actually exacerbate the situation on account of the plaque retention that it causes.

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