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How to Market your Cannabusiness on Social Media

Most of the social media sites still consider cannabis as a grey area. It is going to remain the same unless cannabis is legalized on a federal level or by a majority on the state level. Marketing your business on social media sites is a challenging task. While it is a powerful medium today to market products and services, it becomes all different when the product or service we are talking about is related to cannabis. Most of the social media platforms prohibit paid advertising of cannabis on their sites because of federal legalities involved. Thus, your cannabusiness needs to be persistent and creative with organic tactics to make the most out of social media marketing. However, there is no need to be deterred by all this. As the industry is growing, laws related to it are also changing. Thus, you will get a number of marketing opportunities once these social media platforms are more comfortable with the changing laws.

If you also are running a cannabusiness and want to make the most of social media for marketing it, here are some suggestions that can help you make the most of it.


Popular Social Media Platforms

With so many social media platforms out there, it can feel overwhelming to work on all of them. Here we have listed the top social media platforms that all cannabusiness entrepreneurs must consider when marketing their products or services across social media.



Facebook is currently one of the top social media platforms for marketing any business. It offers a lot of options from integrating to other social media platforms to custom tabs. Facebook is just like a mini version of your business website. You can post anything from your hours of operation, business location, images, articles, news updates and a lot more on your Facebook page.



Twitter is also another successful social media platform that allows for real time messaging. From text, video links to images, you can post anything on Twitter. You can play around with different messages on Twitter to know what works the best.



This image driven platform is very popular in the cannabis community. You can use Instagram to post pictures of your products, brand, business or any other thing you seem suitable for your business and reflects your brand the right way while also resonating with the cannabis community.



Create a YouTube channel for your cannabusiness brand as well. You can drive video marketing efforts through YouTube as it has one of the biggest cannabis communities online. Do create a YouTube channel for your business even if you are not ready to indulge in video marketing as yet. This will prevent the risk of losing your brand’s name to someone else who was quick enough to register with it.



It might not be the most popular social media platform, but is worth a bit of attention. Since each post on Google+ has a unique URL, it can help your rank in search engines. This will give your brand more visibility to the people who are searching for cannabis related products or services.

LinkedIn, Pinterest and Vine are also popular social media platforms that can be used to market your cannabusiness and reach customers effectively.


The Right Tone and Voice

When you are marketing your cannabusiness on social media, it is important to adopt a professional but human voice that is reflective of your brand. While it is tempting to use social media for business just as the case is with personal use, you need to keep in mind the tone of your content as it is a direct reflection of your business. The tone should be professional but friendly. You shouldn’t sound like a serious robot but at the same time, don’t try to be too improper or casual.


Use Compelling Content

Use your content to make your brand stand out from the rest of the brands in the industry. Whether it is articles, pictures, stats, facts or any other thing, a mix of content with the right tone will keep your audience engaged. With a unique content, the audience will be hooked to your social media pages and this will have a positive impact on the visibility of your brand.


Engage with Your Audience

If you want to create a positive association with your customers, you should respond to them when they engage with you. Be prompt, professional, friendly and empathetic towards your audience when you are responding to them. Don’t ever lose patience or indulge in heated exchange with the audience as it can lead to a bad impact on overall brand image.


Keep an Eye on Metrics

Keep a check on the social media metrics to know which of the posts are doing better and are resonating with your audience. This will allow you to strategize your future posts and will also let you know about the right times and optimized days that are ideal for interacting with your followers along with the timing and the type of content.


Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are one of the best ways to track social engagement across different social media platforms. With just a couple of strategic hashtags placed in each post, you can come a long way with marketing your brand. With some research about the trending hashtags, your message can go a long way in helping your brand come to the limelight.


Social media marketing, if done right, can help boost the presence and effectiveness of your brand. With the right tools at your hand and the right tone and content of your posts, you can engage with your audience and can trigger the right response among them that can help you gather the right amount of followers and make profits at your business by converting followers into customers.

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