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How to Keep Cannabis Away from Children

As parents, it’s your responsibility to keep cannabis away from your children’s reach. Aside from the legal issues that come with it, exposing your kids to the substance may lead to disastrous consequences.

Here are some ways on how you can keep your stash away from the prying eyes of your little ones.

Safety Tips

There’s really nothing harmful in using cannabis at home even if you’ve got kids for as long as you are discreet and you know how to store it properly.

Here are some tips:

  • Store your cannabis products in the same way that you would store your medicines and other potentially toxic products. Keep them in a secure storage box away from your child’s reach. Label the box clearly and store them with their original packaging on.
  • Invest in storage boxes and containers that come with keys and combination locks. You can also go for the more expensive ones that use fingertip identification.
  • Choose a storage that will not trigger curiosity among your kids. Avoid those that your kids will despise either as this might make them get even more interested.
  • If you cannot hide the container in plain sight, look for storage rooms that your kids won’t have easy access. The higher the storage place, the better.
  • Avoid consuming cannabis in any form in front of your curious kids, even if it’s for medicinal purposes. Don’t forget to store the products back to their secure storage immediately after use.
  • Remind babysitters or some other people who watch over your kids on your behalf to never use cannabis in front of your kids. Advise them to store the cannabis safely and securely away from the children’s reach.

Educating Your Kids about Cannabis

If your kids are already old enough to understand things, you may want to consider sitting down with them and discuss this very controversial substance. Remember, it’s always better that they learn about cannabis from you instead of hearing about it from their peers who might view the substance in a totally different way. Be as honest as possible and try to address all their questions in the best way you can. Leaving questions unanswered might just trigger curiosity amongst them and they could end up seeking answers from the wrong people.

Younger kids should be advised to stay away from these substances in the same way that you advise them to avoid adult medications. If the older kids would ask permission to use the substance, make them understand that it would be better to wait until they’re at a legal age before giving it a try.

Setting a Good Example

When taking cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, you should be able to set a good example to your kids by consuming the substance moderately. Address any questions that they have. It’s better that they hear about this substance from you than from anybody else outside your home.

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