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How to Grow Marijuana in Cold Weather

The cannabis plants are among the plants that don’t like the cold weather. As a matter of fact, most cannabis strains tend to grow very slowly once the temperature drop below 15°C (60°F). During freezing temperatures, some plants could suffer huge damage and others might end up dying! The optimal condition for the cannabis plants to thrive is a fertile soil with a good amount of sunlight, mild breeze, and a consistent temperature of 20-28 degree Celsius.

Indoor cannabis cultivation has also become a global trend lately and in countries with freezing northern latitudes, growing indoors is the only viable option. A tremendous amount of outdoor crops are also being harvested in the colder climates of Eastern Europe and Canada each year. It’s really possible to cultivate and harvest the crop all year. The key is in coming up with a plan that takes into consideration the inclement weather in your particular area.

Choose the Most Resistant Strains

The growth of every cannabis plant is dictated by its genetics, whether you’ll choose to grow it from clones or start it from scratch using seeds.

If you’re growing outdoors and you’re in those regions with cold weather, it’s important that you choose your cannabis strains carefully. Indoor growers can basically grow any strain regardless of the time of the year.

Only the hardiest and the most resistant cannabis strains will have a chance to survive outdoors during the cold winter weather. Its slim chance is not really worth the risk, especially if there’s a possibility of sleet and snow. Even the most hardcore weed growers will keep a mother plant indoors in preparation for the rough weather. At the very least, covering the plants with plastic housing or sheeting is highly recommended.

Consider Fast Flowering or Auto-Flowering Strains

Mold is often the biggest threat to cannabis plants during the cold weather. A high RH plus low temperatures make for a perfect breeding ground for mold and fungus. Therefore, stay ahead of the worst weather and choose hybrids that flower fast. You can also opt for auto-flowering strains, which can be harvested right before the rain comes to damage the buds.

Ruderalis genetics make auto-flowering exceptionally tough. As a matter of fact, they usually get into the bloom cycle in a matter of 30 days or less since they are not dependent on photoperiod. These auto-flowering strains will immediately start making buds and are often ready to be harvested in less than two months. For indoor cultivators, you can simply leave your grow lights on all day long and the plants will stay warm. This ability helps both out-of-season cropping and the plants that were restricted with short summer.

It’s also recommended to use pots for growing, which you can easily pick and move easily instead of getting stuck in the mud by sowing in a patch that used to be sunny for two weeks during spring.

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