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How to Get Fast Results with CBD?

A lot of people are excited about CBD at the moment, especially when you consider the research that has gone into it. CBD, a product that had once been frowned upon and only spoken about in hushed tones for fear of legal consequences, is currently one of the most sought-after products. People have come to realize the benefits of CBD and at the moment one of the most common questions is how to make sure you get the effect of CBD as fast as possible.

Naturally, you will get a high whichever way you choose to consume CBD. However, the difference is how fast it will take for CBD to work. Knowing this information will go a long way in helping you learn how you can get your high as fast as possible.

One of the key factors that determine how fast CBD will take effect is your physiology. Everyone is unique. There are things like your general state of health, tolerance to CBD, and metabolism that affect the rate of absorption. In fact, even your DNA determines how fast CBD will be absorbed into your body. Therefore, never assume that it will work as fast for you as it works for someone else.

Taking these factors into consideration, the secret to getting the best results as fast as possible from CBD is how to get it into your bloodstream as soon as possible. From this statement alone, you can already figure out that some types of CBD will be absorbed very slow. Take edibles, for example. They have to be digested before the body absorbs them. Therefore, there are a lot of factors that come into play.

Today, we have CBD strains that can be absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately. It all comes down to the mode of consumption. There are four popular ways of consuming CBD; topical, ingesting, inhaling through vape, and sublingually.

Of these four, the fastest way to consume CBD and feel the effect is through inhalation. You can inhale CBD either by dabbing or through vaping. Since this method introduces CBD to the body through the lungs, the compound oozes into the bloodstream faster. There’s no need for a complete digestive process through the liver or your digestive system. This is one of those methods whose effect you will feel almost immediately, or in a few minutes.

The second fastest way to feel the effect of CBD is to put it under your tongue (sublingually). There exist mucus membranes in the mouth through which CBD will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Another option is swallowing the CBD. This is a common method for a lot of people but since the digestive system has to be brought into play, it can take a while. You can expect to feel the effect in around half an hour.

Remember that another factor that will count is the potency of the CBD strain that you’re using. The higher the potency, the faster you will feel the effect.

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