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How Much is a Pound of Weed?

The price of weed tends to swing wildly across the United States, even before the legalization of cannabis in eleven states. Take note that this information is only for reference, and is by no means an invitation for you to partake of cannabis in your area.

Check local regulations regarding the consumption and purchase of medical marijuana or recreational cannabis in your state before purchasing a pound of weed, or any amount at all.

Normally, weed is purchased in increments of ounces or grams, but some people may want to stock up on weed if they need to consume it more than a few times per week.

Chronic and heavy users may smoke weed several times per day, and will require several more grams to keep up with their needs.

Cannabis Spot Index

The US Cannabis Spot Index situates the average pricing of weed at $1,404 per pound, up by 4% since February of this year.

Most transactions of this scale have yielded a low of $858, to a high of $2,353/lb of cannabis. Spot pricing across the national range is $3.10-$3.54. Indoor flower trading has increased by a meager 1% this year.

Oregon is the US’ rising star in cannabis flower trade, deposing Nevada, which has been showing a downward trend. Indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cannabis trades have showed an upward trend of 1%-4% as of this writing.

There is now an implied upward curve for the rest of the year with national cannabis trade in the United States, with a significant rise in August and September of this year, followed by a slight downward trend from October, and then stabilizing again in February next year, with a projected price of $1,200/lb of cannabis.

November 2019 has been earmarked as the low price season for cannabis, with projected pricing down to a little over $1,100, only to rise again consistently in December, all the way to February.

Cannabis in US Cities

According to a price index study done by a German media outlet in late 2018, the price of weed per gram can be anywhere from $7.58 to a high of $18.08.

The cheapest cities to buy weed (where state legislation at least partially legalizes marijuana use) are Seattle ($7.58/gram), Denver ($7.79), Los Angeles ($8.14), San Francisco ($9.27), Miami ($9.27), and Phoenix ($9.35).

Houston and Dallas come in at a slightly higher rate at $10.03/gram of weed, while New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago bring up the rear at prices hovering from $10.76 to $11.46 per gram of cannabis. Washington, DC so far has one of the highest prices among all the well-known US cities at $18.08 per gram.

Among the many US cities mentioned, it is completely legal to buy weed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, and Boston. The rest of the cities are still in legislative evolution with partial approval of cannabis only.

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