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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Blood?

Removing traces of cannabis from your system can be tricky, because of how cannabis’ psychoactive ingredient, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), interacts with the body. THC-COOH, which is a byproduct of this interaction, is equally troublesome in the game of removing weed from blood serum.

There is variable data regarding the window periods for the removal of cannabis from the body. The most cautious data warns cannabis users that positive traces in blood serum can occur for as long as 75 days after your last joint or blunt.

It takes just one dose of cannabis to ruin a drug test, which is why you should be more aware of the window periods if you wish to pass a drug test for employment or other purposes.

There are additional drug tests that can reveal the presence of cannabis and its metabolites in the body, including the hair test and urine analysis.

Both of these tests in worst case scenarios can turn up positive results beyond one month after last use of cannabis. There is also the less popular but equally accurate saliva test, which can turn up positive results up to 1.5 days after use of weed.

Why Drug Tests Turn Up Positive  

Despite having lower psychoactive effects compared to other narcotic substances and even prescription drugs, cannabis can be incredibly persistent in the body, including blood serum.

Bodily fluids are the number one route for THC and THC-COOH, which is why an average window period of 30 days at the minimum is applied to all users, regardless of the persistence of use.

Changing the method of consumption doesn’t help, either. Whether you smoke, vaporize, or ingest edibles, the blood serum presence is going to be the same.

But then again, there are exceptions every now and then, especially when the person is physically fit, is relatively healthy, and is able to metabolize and get rid of the said metabolites from cannabis more easily.

However, there is actually no way of knowing how well your body gets rid of these metabolites, unless you purchase and regularly test with THC home test kits before the required drug test.

In the rare event that you are a weed consumer who has had only one dose of cannabis in your entire life, and you have healthy constitution, medical statistics show that it is possible for you to turn up negative in just one to two days.

However, this is a big what if considering the averages that have accrued throughout the years.

There’s also the matter of dealing with the individual THC levels in different strains of cannabis. If you happened to have had a strain of cannabis that has potent, high-level THC, that’s going to affect your drug test results, definitely.

The main problem here is that THC and THC-COOH can actually be cycled by the body. So when you consume it, it is metabolized and the two main metabolites are stored in fat molecules found throughout your body.

These metabolites can subsequently be unbound once again at the molecular level and released once again into the bloodstream – long after you have consumed the joint or blunt.

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