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How is Cannabis Perfume Made?

Cannabis is going mainstream recently and we’re seeing it pop up in almost every industry these days, including health and wellness. One of the cannabis beauty trends that are gaining popularity is cannabis perfume. These fragrances are infused with cannabis and combine the smell of earthy notes and weed resulting in a pleasant smell that is sure to attract perfume fanatics out there!

Made from Cannabis Terpenes

The cannabis perfumes are made with cannabis terpenes that have uplifting, calming, and stress-relieving effects. When you smell the perfume, you’ll be able to inhale the terpenes, which will then go through the olfactory system and connect to the parts of the brain responsible for controlling one’s emotions.

The cannabis terpenes have also been shown to have significant effects on one’s mood, cognitive system, and social behavior. But it’s worth noting that the cannabis perfumes will not get you high. Instead, they offer a calming and relaxing effect, which helps to fight off the daily stresses of our modern life.

Two Kinds of Cannabis Perfumes

There are currently two types of cannabis perfumes that you’ll find in the market these days. One is made with real cannabis while the other doesn’t have any cannabis in it, yet, it’s made to mimic the smell of real weed. If you live in a country where weed is still illegal, you can opt for the perfume that’s not made with real cannabis but smells like one. But now that the United States has decided to legalize the use of hemp all over the country, it’s possible to get a perfume made with real cannabis.

These two types of cannabis perfumes are now being sold in some websites online. They are made and marketed differently. As of the moment, there are not a lot of fragrances to choose from for cannabis perfumes. But with more and more states legalizing cannabis, it’s predicted that many more cannabis perfumes with different aromatic smells will be hitting the market shelves soon!

Making Your Own Cannabis Perfume

While you can now purchase cannabis perfumes in some online stores, making your own perfume is a great way to save money. You’d be glad to know that the process is easy and the ingredients needed are easily available. To make your own cannabis perfume, you only need base oil, cannabis-infused essential oils, ethanol, and spring water.

To make the perfume, simply add the base oil to the cannabis-infused essential oils. The most recommended base oil to use for a cannabis perfume is jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. Adding just seven drops of the base oil and cannabis oil should be enough. Afterward, add about 70 grams of ethanol to the oil and mix together in an airtight container. Leave in the container for 48 hours or up to 6 weeks! Remember that the longer you let them sit in the container, the stronger the smell will last. Finally, add some spring water to the mixture and mix well. Strain using a coffee filter and add some glycerin to preserve the scent.

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