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How Enzymes Help Cannabis Plants Thrive

Enzyme action is necessary to make sure that your plants thrive and survive better. However, have you ever asked yourself how this is even possible? There are different strains of cannabis that are grown all over the world. This means that each strain requires different conditions to thrive in each environment.

Growers keep looking into different ways to grow cannabis. A lot of people are also moving away from the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in the growth process. In their place, they are embracing natural ways of cultivating cannabis.

To guarantee proper growth, you have to maintain proper soil health, make sure that you have organic, natural and potent buds. Microbes are important in maintaining proper health for your plants. They use their enzymes to make sure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients.

It’s the action of the enzymes that eventually makes sure the organic matter is broken down into minute molecules that the plants can absorb very fast. There are different minerals in the soil that are needed by your plants for them to grow. Without these, the plants would starve. Therefore, the presence of microbes in the soil helps a great deal.

What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are protein substances that exist naturally. Living things create these proteins to help biochemical catalytic reactions. These reactions eventually break down molecules into smaller, manageable sizes that plants can absorb. The catalytic reactions help speed up the breakdown of molecules.

Proteins exist in complex features and shapes, referred to as active sites. Molecules or substrates which are broken down by the enzymes fit into the active site, and it’s at this juncture that the chemical reactions take place. There are specific enzymes that break down substrates. Other factors that support this chemical process include temperature and the pH level in the soil.

Even in the human body, we have enzymes present in saliva. These enzymes help break down carbohydrates to sugar that can be absorbed by the body, such as glucose. Without these, it would be impossible to absorb the nutrients the body needs. This is the same way that enzymes work in the soil. They break down large organic matter that cannot be absorbed in their current form, into smaller molecules. The smaller molecules are readily available to plants.

Natural Growing Hack

There are different growth methods for which enzymes come in handy. Whether you’re using aeroponics or hydroponics, enzymes will always be needed. It’s the presence of enzymes in the soil that helps process nutritional elements like sulfur, nitrogen and carbon into a condition that cannabis can absorb and make use of.

Soil that has a lot of organic matter has a lot of microorganisms that would be beneficial for the growth of your cannabis plants. Enzyme activity is important, especially for plants that are growing outdoors, in the presence of quality and sufficient amount of compost.

However, in case you’re growing plants indoors or in an unnatural growth system, the soil might have a lower concentration of enzymes. You can still add enzymes to the soil directly through different growth mediums.

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