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How CBD and THC Help with Recovery in Combat Sports

Using cannabis as a supplement for workouts might sound crazy, but more and more athletes are now using cannabis for their recovery. After working out intensely or right after a rigorous training session, you could find yourself feeling extremely tired and sore. While others would take pain-relieving medications to address this, some athletes are now relying on cannabis for their recovery.

In case you’re not aware, NSAID drugs, such as Ibuprofen, which is a common pain medication, can be dangerous for our health, especially if you’re regularly taking it. It’s for this reason why some athletes are now opting for a more natural and less toxic form of managing pain, such as cannabis.

Pain Management with CBD

Pain is not something new to athletes, especially those who are involved in high-intensity sports, such as professional mixed martial arts.

Frank Mir, a former UFC champion, has been in this sport since 2001. For many years, he would visit a doctor for his recovery and most of the time, he would be prescribed with massive doses of painkillers. This caused him to worry because he was aware that long-term use of these medications comes with consequences. It’s for this reason why he decided to switch over to CBD in order to manage his pain.

He felt skeptical at first, however, after about two weeks of using, his body got used to it. Mir pointed out that this medication is not a miracle cure, but after religiously taking the CBD every single day, he experienced less inflammation after every fight and this helped him sleep well. As such, his recovery has been so much better ever since.

Post-Workout Use of CBD

When it comes to mental and physical recovery after a rigorous workout, bodybuilders can benefit from the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving strains of the cannabis. These strains are primarily found in Indica strains, which contain a high level of cannabidiol or CBD.

The cannabis strains of the Indica provide athletes and bodybuilders with a deeply relaxing feeling, which helps relax the muscles and the mind. For those who don’t want the feeling of getting high or the psychoactive effects of the cannabis, there are non-psychoactive CBD strains.

The CBD comes with various therapeutic benefits and has been found to be very effective even when taken in small doses. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you choose the Indica-dominant strain or CBD-rich strain in order to benefit from these therapeutic benefits, especially during the recovery time after every workout or training.

Taking CBD for Recovery

CBD rich strains are available in different forms, from edible, concentrate, flower, and more. But the best way to use them for fast pain relief post workout is to smoke or vape the high CBD concentrates or CBD flower. However, other athletes, including Mir, would prefer to consume the cannabis edibles instead of vaping or smoking. After his training session, he simply consumes the edibles along with his dinner. Afterward, he soaks in a tub and then goes to sleep.

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