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How Cannabis Massage May Help People With Multiple Sclerosis

Technological advancements bring better treatment options for various ailments. Scientists across the world continue to put efforts to improve methods and tools for treatments to ensure a 100% success. They have opened to new profiles of medication such as cannabis and cannabinoids, which have proved potent for treating various diseases. And with such openness to different treatment forms, the day is not too far away when we would have safer and more efficient treatment options for many chronic ailments such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and HIV too.

Multiple sclerosis, MS

Multiple sclerosis refers to a degenerate condition centred around your nervous system and affects it in various ways. Over 1 million adults from the United States of America suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, states a statistic by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The immune system of patients suffering from this condition is overactive. It causes it to damage its cells, such as that of the brain, spinal cord, and even optical nerves that make up the central nervous system of the body. While there is no permanent cure available for this condition yet, various treatment options to slow down the progress are possible. Current medications aim to reduce the development, as well as decrease the intensity of symptoms associated with the condition. While these treatments have been a step closer to achieving a cure, Marijuana could be the next step to obtain relief from symptoms of the disease.

The various symptoms associated with Multiple sclerosis

Given Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disability, it affects the movements and functions in the body. Common symptoms associated with MS include tremors, loss of motor control, muscle spasms, blurred vision, mental fatigue, anxiety, depression. The white blood cells infiltrate the myelin sheath that protects our neurons and causes neural degeneration. This effect leads to inflammation and dysfunction of the nerves, causing cognitive and physical impairments. Also, the absence of this outer layer means that the electrical pulses or signals that travel in our body that triggers various actions are exposed, causing painful spasms and poor muscle control.

What about endocannabinoids?

Endocannabinoids have a unique manner of interacting with the body, opposite to that of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. While the latter interacts with postsynaptic neurons, the endocannabinoids communicate with presynaptic neurons. The postsynaptic neurons get triggered, which initiates the on-demand production is endocannabinoid. This signal then travels back up the axon and reaches the presynaptic neurons. Endocannabinoids such as anandamide plays a vital role in limiting the effect of the signal sent and received in the nervous system. Research states that patients suffering from MS do not produce proper levels of anandamide, and this leads the entire nervous system to go haywire during signal transmission.

The role of Cannabinoids or CBD oil massage to treat Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis brims with cannabidiols which imitate the function of these endocannabinoids in the body making it more efficient than various other treatment options available for MS. By reintroducing the missing parts of the puzzle, cannabis helps bring relief to common symptoms associated with the ailment. Cannabis massage proves to be effective to work against various MS symptoms.

1. It can help relieve inflammation: As the immune system attacks the white covering of the neurons, MS patients deal with inflammation in the brain. This inflammation leads to degeneration which causes further damage to the central nervous systems and worsens the symptoms of the condition. CBD or cannabidiol is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps regulate the functions of the immune system and fight the activation of a protein called cytokine, which causes inflammation. This action helps relieve inflammation in various parts of the body and cope with other symptoms of the condition too. As CB receptors are present on the skin, massaging the best CBD oil on the market can help deliver the cannabinoids to the body to get relief from inflammation.

2. It can help cope with the pain: Massaging CBD oil on various parts of the body can help get relief from chronic pain associated with the condition. The exposed impulse and inflammation cause pain, and discomfort in patients that may not react well to generic medication. But cannabinoids are effective in reducing pain in the body as they help control the release of brain chemicals that cause the feeling of pain. This way, patients suffering from chronic pain conditions such as MS can achieve better pain management.

3. It helps relieve from sparsity: Almost two-thirds of patients suffering from MS face painful symptoms of sparsity. It refers to muscle stiffness in various regions of the body, which causes severe, painful spasms and impairs the basic movement of the parts of the body. Sparsity also causes imbalance. A study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry involves 300 participants suffering from MS. These patients complained about repeated muscle spasms and stiffness within the last three months. Half the participants consumed oral marijuana extract, whereas the rest received a placebo. After observing the patients for over a week, the results of the study indicate that marijuana consumers showed improvement in muscle stiffness. They also reported better sleep and less pain compared to the placebo group.

Another study conducted among patients with advanced MS exposed them to Sativex (containing Sativa), which is a mouth spray containing a mixture of THC: CBD in 1:1 ratio. The four weeks long trials showed about a 20% improvement in sparsity, and reduction in the frequency of the same. These studies lead the way to understand how CBD oil can help relieve muscle spasms and give these patients a chance at a better lifestyle.

4. It can help bring balance to mood swings: Statistics from 2017 reports that more than 30% of MS patients suffer from depression, and over 20% suffer from anxiety disorders. Brain inflammation during the condition is the common cause for this type of mood swings which can have adverse effects on the mind and body of patients. Marijuana not only helps relieve this inflammation which causes these mood disorders but also helps cope with the symptoms by inducing a sense of euphoria. Studies show that the compound interacts with the limbic system or emotional segment of the brain and eases the symptoms. CBD oil massage can help relax the body and mind and achieve better sleep and improve your mood. You can buy weed online along with various other cannabis-infused products to benefit.

Studies also indicate that cannabis could potentially contain neuroprotective properties which can help achieve permanent cure to conditions such as MS. It can initiate the body to generate new neural cells which can help patients cope with the conditions. While the research in this front is yet to give conclusive proof, there is a strong indication that cannabis-based MS treatments could become popular in the years to come.

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