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How Cannabis Can Treat the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects a lot of people and is characterized by a lot of pain. It manifests by compression in the nerves along the hands, which causes a tingling, numb and painful sensation. It’s estimated that around 3% of the people on the planet suffer from the carpal tunnel syndrome. To manage the pain, patients are usually given anti-inflammatory pain relief medication.

In recent studies, cannabis has proven to be a very good, effective and useful pain reliever. Compared to other medication, you don’t have any side-effects to worry about when using cannabis, which makes it a brilliant option for most patients.

Treatment Options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, there are different options available for you. Treatment usually targets getting you back to normal function as soon as possible. Other than getting your hands working normally, the aim is also to ensure that you don’t suffer nerve damage or loss of muscle strength.

Doctors recommend non-surgical therapy options like wrist splinting, using NSAIDs or corticosteroids. All these options are successful, though they often have some side effects. Corticosteroids, for example, could worsen your blood sugar and even leave you at risk of diabetes. They also lead to bone thinning. NSAIDs will cause stomach pain and heartburn, high blood pressure and there’s a risk of developing stomach ulcers.

You could also be scheduled for an endoscopic or open surgery. While surgery might be successful, there are things you have to be aware of, like the presence of a scar, the risk of wound infections, and the possibility of damage to the nerves or blood vessels.

Considering all these risks, cannabis comes out as a very good option because it’s free of all these side effects. The problem with the use of anti-inflammatory medications, especially the ones that are administered over the counter, is that your body will end up creating a defense mechanism and building resistance, and over time they will not be effective.

With medical marijuana, however, things are different. You don’t need to worry about allergic reactions, fever, weight gain etc. Since medical marijuana is a drug, you can expect side effects, though they will not be as bad as the conventional treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Medical marijuana offers pain relief in such a way that you wouldn’t get from any other treatment alternative. It’s not addictive, you will not develop any bad habits from it, and unlike the other treatment options, there’s not a single person that has been reported dead from using marijuana.

If you’re looking for a natural remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome, look no further than medical marijuana. Some of the symptoms that you will get relief from when using medical marijuana include sleep problems as a result of the pain, neuropathy, vomiting, nausea, chronic and nerve pain and inflammation. If you live in a place where medical marijuana is legal, talk to your doctor in order to get help for your carpal tunnel syndrome.

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