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How Cannabis Can Improve Seniors’ Quality of Life

Cannabis comes with several medicinal benefits, and in fact, senior citizens can greatly benefit from it. It’s just unfortunate that not a lot of seniors are aware of the cannabis’ ability to improve their quality of life. Since CBD can now be delivered on its own, elders can benefit from its health-boosting properties without the need to inhale smoke.

So read on to find out how seniors could take advantage of the many beneficial properties of medicinal cannabis.

Safer Than Other Prescribed Meds

Most seniors need to take prescription drugs every single day. However, these drugs come with several nasty side effects. While cannabis may also come with side effects, these are insignificant when compared to many prescribed medications. In addition, cannabis has powerful antioxidants that can treat several illnesses that most seniors are faced with, such as liver inflammation as a result of IBS, Hepatitis C, lupus, and several other serious illnesses.

Cannabis is Not Addicting

It’s unfortunate that so many seniors nowadays are misinformed, especially when it comes to cannabis use. Many of them still believe that all cannabis products are addicting. But the truth is that people can actually use cannabis safely every day without the addicting side effects. They can always stop if they want to. Furthermore, stopping the use of cannabis abruptly doesn’t come with any withdrawal symptoms, unlike drinking or smoking.

Cannabis Ointments Can Treat Arthritis

The industry of medicated creams that were infused with cannabis is fast growing. These creams can help provide relief against back pain, sore joints, and muscle pain. Not only that but these creams release a nice smell unlike the other medicated creams in the market. And contrary to what many people think, these cannabis-infused creams will definitely not make you high, so they are totally safe to use all day.

Cannabis Doesn’t Lower IQ

Another common misconception associated with the use of cannabis is that it could lead to brain damage. However, there’s no conclusive study suggesting that cannabis could cause brain damage. As a matter of fact, there are studies that show patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases were treated after using cannabis.

Cannabis Can Help Increase Appetite

One of the biggest challenges that seniors are faced with is the loss of appetite, which could lead to significant weight loss. Cannabis has been found to be successful in relieving nausea and stimulate appetite. In fact, one study has found a link between the use of cannabis and body weight. The study shows that the rate of obesity in people who smoke cannabis at least thrice a week is lower compared to people who don’t use cannabis at all.


Cannabis is a natural remedy that’s been used to treat an increasing number of illnesses. Therefore, seniors, as well as their family members, must consider the use of cannabis if they want to improve their quality of life.

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