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Here Are the Autoflowering Strains That Have the Highest Percentage of THC

When the cannabis ruderalis genetics are introduced to the usual cannabis strain, the result RE the autoflowering cannabis strains. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to these strains but below are the ones that contain the highest amount of THC. These plants are ideal for pro breeders and growers and a great choice for small-scale growers that use it merely for personal consumption.

  1. Amnesia Haze Automatic

This is a classic sativa variety with autoflowering properties and contains around 50% sativa, 30% ruderalis genes, and 20% indica. Every smoker prefers a packed joint of sativa weed when they feel like they want to unleash their creative side, whether it’s writing music, painting etc. But the biggest downside of most strains is the amount of time that it will take for them to grow and produce a flower. Yet, this variety will only take a period of 10 weeks, from seed to harvest.

  1. Bubble Kush Automatic

This is an incredible combination consisting of three excellent cannabis strains. Bubble Kush is the union between the autoflowering Royal Critical Automatic, OG Kush, and Bubble gum. All these great attributes result in the highest quality of indica and sativa strains, wrapped up in the fast-growing genetics of the cannabis ruderalis. When smoking this variety, you’ll feel the rich and sweet flavors of the strain. It’s incredibly relaxing and has the ability to induce a positive high.

  1. Royal Cookies Automatic

This is a popular strain, thanks to its rich and toasty aromas of powerful indica high and cookies. It’s bred with ruderalis genetics to make it into an autoflowering plant. Within only 8 to 10 weeks, these beautiful buds can be harvested much faster than the standard cookies varieties. This particular hybrid is highly in demand due to its THC content of more than 18%. It could deliver a euphoric high along with the delicious flavors of cookies while leaving behind a minty aftertaste.

  1. Royal Gorilla Automatic

The term “gorilla” signifies the strain’s potency. This is an autoflowering version of the Royal Gorilla, which combines the qualities of indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Although skewing mostly towards indica, it will also provide you with a cerebral head high and offers a quick flowering time. This strain is capable of producing flowers in a period of 5-7 weeks although the ideal timeframe for harvesting is 8-10 weeks from germination. The Royal Gorilla Automatic is also suitable to both outdoor and indoor cultivation and its resulting bud comes with a THC content of more than 20%.

  1. Royal Jack Auto

This strain is the offspring of the legendary Jack Herer and ruderalis. It features an excellent sativa-dominant strain and the ruderalis genes have provided it with its autoflowering characteristics. The strain’s genetics consist of 30% ruderalis, 30% indica, and 40% sativa. This combination allows the strain to provide the grower with a much shorter cultivation time.

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