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Everything You Should Know About the Kinds of Rolling Papers

Rolling paper is an essential part of the cannabis taking ritual. Not only does good quality rolling paper enhance the rolling experience (it’s soft and pliant on the fingers), but it improves your ability to enjoy the cannabis strain that you’re smoking.

Nowadays, stoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to the amount of good-quality, natural rolling papers available on the market. There’s hemp, rice, wood and other options which vary according to factors like the texture, quality, burn rate, and even color.

Brown vs. White

Different rolling papers contain varying levels of porosity which contribute to the burning rate and ventilation of the blunt. Manufacturers may also add certain substances and chemicals that help stabilize the paper or slow the burn.

Obviously, colored or flavored paper contains a fair amount of foreign substances that have no business being inhaled. Luckily, there are plenty of manufacturers out there who make natural paper with no harmful or toxic substances added.

Wood Pulp Paper

As the name implies, this type of rolling paper is made from wood pulp and it’s one of the most popular choices available. That’s because it’s very soft and easy to use. It’s also available in a variety of viscosities and there are bleached and unbleached varieties as well.

The bleached wood paper is white in color while the unbleached wood paper is brown. Wood pulp rolling paper comes highly recommended for beginners due to its ease of use. Even though brown wood pulp paper has a medium burn rate, it’s able to hold its shape well.

Rice Paper

Rolling paper that’s made from rice is usually super thin and 100% natural. It’s mostly used by experienced rollers who choose it because it doesn’t have an aftertaste. When smoking with rice paper all you taste is the weed and nothing else.

This makes it really good for your lungs but it does have a slightly quicker burn rate. Rice paper doesn’t do well in humid conditions either, and should never be rolled with damp hands. A slightly sturdier paper that has similar benefits to rice paper is flax paper. You can use flax paper as an alternative when rolling in less than ideal conditions.


Hemp paper is made from 100% hemp and has a characteristic brown color. If you find white hemp paper then it has been bleached and contains chemicals which may be harmful to your lungs.

Hemp paper is super easy to roll with, thanks to its thick texture and you can comfortably roll it in humid environments as well. While hemp paper does impart a delicate aftertaste, it won’t affect your overall experience.

Other Papers

Rolling paper comes in all types of different colors and flavors nowadays. There’s even transparent rolling paper that’s made from cellulose which makes it seem like you’re just holding a levitating roll of weed. If that’s not cool, we don’ know what is.

While novelty rolling paper is exciting and fun, it can be harmful when used regularly. To stay healthy, rather stick to normal rolling paper that’s made from 100% natural fibers. Only use flavored, colored or any other novelty paper every once in a while for “special occasions.”

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