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Everything You Should Know About Runtz Weed

Runtz weed is fast gaining popularity among weed advocates, thanks to its perfect blend of Runtz candy and cannabis. But it’s not like the typical flavored cannabis terpenes. Featuring an organic cannabis terpene profile, the Runtz tastes just like any cannabis strain and you won’t notice the strong flavor of the candy. If you want to give this organic terpene a try, get started with the sample pack or grab a bottle.

What is Runtz?

Runtz is derived from the name of the sugary and sweet candy with the same name. Indeed, this strain has a colorful appearance and a similar sweet flavor. The buds consist of blues and purples along with some greens that surround the orange pistils. Although it has a nice sweet flavor to it, the sugary taste is not too overpowering to the taste.

Runtz weed is one of those strains that are comparatively rare. Thus, there’s not much information available regarding this strain’s CBD and THC content. But according to some customers who have tried it, the high feeling is both relaxing and euphoric, which is usually felt in both the body and the head.

How Does It Feel?

So far, Runtz weed has been getting positive reviews and excellent feedback from its users. Some users reported that it made them feel heavy headed with a loosely relaxed body. Thus, it’s quite relaxing and a great choice for those who are suffering from anxiety. It can help to calm your worries while making you feel at ease. In fact, some users resort to this strain as they indulge in their favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix.

According to some users, Runtz weed features excellent appetite-stimulating properties. Therefore, you should be careful with indulging in this strain. But if you are using it to treat a particular illness, then go ahead and hit it hard.

What Does It Look Like?

As mentioned, these strains are very colorful, consisting of purple dark buds. It has larger hairs with an orange shade that covers the purple buds and green flowers. Furthermore, it features a healthy amount of trichomes, which is why this strain is known for its smell and extremely calming properties.

The Runtz weed is recommended for smoking in a clean bong, doing small snaps one at a time. To achieve optimum effect, it is best to smoke this strain while you’re sober. That way, you will really get a feel of the strain as well as its potential effects.

As mentioned, a lot of customers are quite satisfied with Runtz. In terms of its effects, they have rated the strain at 4.5, which is quite high. As for the smell, Runtz got a rating of 4.0 and bag appeal is at 4.5. All in all, the product gained a total rating of 4.3 from those who tried the product, which is somewhat favorable. So if you are looking for a cannabis strain that can give you a relaxing feeling and euphoria, the Runtz weed is a great product to check out.

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