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Everything You Need to Know About Brick Weed

Several years ago, brick weed was considered the most popular form of cannabis in the world. This might sound a surprise to new users but veteran cannabis users are actually very familiar with this type of weed. But what exactly is brock weed and how is it produced?

What is Brick Weed?

Brick weed is a type of weed that has been condensed, which allows for the easy and efficient transportation of the substance. Several years ago, this was the most common method of getting weed. However, the quality of the buds is usually lower compared to other forms of weed. In the United States, most of these weeds are sourced from Mexico.

The process of condensing this type of weed can make the buds to appear danker and denser. For this method, the weeds are wrapped with tape and secured in a bag in order to hold them together. This allows for easy and convenient transportation. During the process of bricking, a big percentage of the kief is knocked off. It is for this reason that the higher quality of buds is not bricked.

Brick weed is known for being a low-grade form of marijuana. However, it has several uses in the field of recreational and medical cannabis.

Where Does It Come From?

As mentioned, most of the brick weed in the US comes from Mexico. But some of it also comes from Thailand and South America. As such, these products have to travel a long way before they reach customers.

To produce these products, outdoor plantations of cannabis are harvested routinely and are then bricked promptly through industrial presses in their entirety. They are produced solely for exports in the European and US markets. By bricking the weeds, smugglers are able to carry more of the contraband substance, allowing for easy transport and a further increase in profits since the product is compact.

Cannabis products that aren’t in the brick form are actually rare in western customers. Even hashish is available in a brick-like form.

Death of Brick Weed

Nowadays, brick weed is no longer as popular as it was before. There are two reasons behind this. During the 1970s and 1980s, it became easier for people to cultivate their own cannabis plants at home, thanks to the availability of indoor grow equipment. Because of these facilities, people could now grow their own cannabis indoors without triggering suspicion from their neighbors. Also, with the availability of seed banks, it was easy for people to get their hands on cannabis seeds that they could grow indoors.

Another obvious reason is the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis in the United States and in some other places around the world. Because of this, there’s no longer a need to compress weed and make them into bricks before shipping and transportation. For most of the young users, this means that they no longer have to deal with the pain of sawing away the brick weed.

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