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Common Rookie Mistakes That First Time Vapers Make

According to studies, vaping can offer a safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Vaporizers also come in different designs that work with a myriad of materials, including e-juice and e-liquid, concentrates, waxes and isolates, dry herb, and flowers. As a first time vaper, you will go through a short period of adjustment before you find the perfect vaporizer, vape material, and flavors. However, you can speed up the process by avoiding some common novice mistakes. Here is a brief look at seven rookie mistakes to avoid as a first time vaper.

1. Buying cheap vaporizers and vape juices

Purchasing a vaporizer (vape pen) is a subjective process. There are numerous vape pens on the market, so finding one should not be a problem. The price also varies significantly so you can find cheap $10 vaporizers or go for expensive $300 models. While there is no single vape pen perfect for everyone, buying a cheap model will not do you any favors. Cheap designs can provide a lousy experience. They also break down very quickly so you will be spending more frequently than you should. A $300 vape pen is not all that necessary either unless you have that amount to spend on a vaporizer.

The best way to find a reliable vape pen and juice cartridges involves careful review and comparison. Shop around and look up expert ratings as well as customer reviews from other vapers. If you can, avoid cheap vape pens as much as possible since they tend to fault pretty quickly and can leave you with a bad taste. So, surf the net for trusted retailers to get quality products and mail order them at the convenience of your doorstep quickly.

2. Forgetting to charge your battery

It is recommendable to use a vape pen that is on a full charge. Vaporizer battery is equivalent to a lighter in traditional smoking. Without charge, your pen will not work, and unlike lighters, you cannot borrow one from the next person. As such, you should let your vape pen charge for at least one hour before leaving the house. Vaping when the battery is low can result in thin clouds and dissatisfying experiences. Some vape pens come with replaceable batteries so you can carry a spare just in case you need it. However, if your pen uses an inbuilt battery, it needs to be fully charged at all times.

3. Mixing the wrong juices and flavors

It is common for new vapers to try out different flavors, liquids, and vape materials. This trial phase will help you identify the best solutions for your needs. However, while there are no limitations on what you can try out, some combinations do not work. For instance, mixing cucumber with lemon flavors can leave you with a gross taste and spoil your vaping experience. To avoid this, you can look up vaper forums and blogs to identify the best combinations and flavors other people are using. Eventually, you will come up with your blends.

4. Forgetting maintenance

Vape pens are electronic devices with mechanical components. They require proper care and regular maintenance to work efficiently. You can check the user manual that comes with your pen to learn how to use it. It is also essential to inspect your vape pen cartridges coils, buttons, and combustion chambers. Depending on the vaping material you use, the residue can build up in different sections spoiling the flavor and experience you get.

It is advisable to monitor your experiences, the volume of cloud or draw, ease of use, and battery life. If anything doesn’t feel right, the problem is likely to stem from your vaporizer. You can find instructions on how to clean and maintain a vape pen. Note that each model is different, so the maintenance requirements will vary from one pen to another.

5. Using old vape juice

Wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages get better with age. Unfortunately, this is not the case for vape juice; the e-liquid does not mature or improve with age. In contrast, studies indicate that it gets worse, and old vape juices can give a dissatisfying experience that pushes you back to traditional death sticks. As a new vaper, make sure you purchase fresh cartridges and vape juices for the best taste and flavor. Alternatively, using budget buds with vaporizers also makes for a top experience. If you are shopping online, ask your retailer for the most recent vape juices. It is also recommendable to try out different vape juices instead of settling for the first one you try. Sampling several options will give you more insight into the differences and also helps you to find your favorites.

6. Approaching vaping as traditional smoking

Vaping may deliver the nicotine you crave. It is also a sleek way to get your daily dose. However, vaping hash is different from smoking, and you should never approach it the same way. For instance, most vape juices contain less nicotine than conventional cigarettes. Therefore, your vaping sessions will end up taking longer. It is also essential to use the right vape pen for your material. A pen that works effectively to vaporize your dry herb will be different from the one that will effectively vaporize e-juice.

7. Leaving your vape pen on when not in use

Vape pen accidents are rare, but they still happen. According to studies, most incidents occur when you forget to turn off your vaporizer. Some models do not feature a power button that automatically activates when you draw. However, if your vaporizer requires manual powering via a switch, make sure you turn it off as soon as you finish the session. You should also use the right charger and vape material to avoid short circuits and accidents.


There are various other minor aspects to consider, especially if you are a starter. Little things such as washing your vaporizer coil before changing flavor can help you avoid gross tastes and dissatisfying experiences. Since there are several offers for both vape pens and vape products, you must shop from credible, reputable online dispensaries. More importantly, use high-quality products and materials.

Nonetheless, there is no perfection when it comes to vaping. No single pen, material, or flavor meets everyone’s expectations. Your needs may also change over time. The more you vape, the more you will discover about vaporizers, current offers, how they work, best brands, and how to get the most from your device.

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